Oregon CPS Takes Children Away from Parents for Low IQ!

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A couple in Redmond, Oregon has been fighting for nearly four years to get the state’s Department of Human Services to give them their two children back.

They were taken because the state feels the parents are not smart enough to raise their own children.

Ziegler and his partner, Amy Fabbrini, both have below-average IQs. 72 and 66, respectively, according to documents provided to The Oregonian.

Oregon CPS Takes Children Away from Parents for Low IQ!

A disgruntled and ‘gruff’ father seems to be at the heart of the issue.

Raymond Fabbrini, 74, is a gruff man who has strong feelings about Amy’s abilities. “She doesn’t have the instincts to be a mother,” he said.

He added that his daughter had been primarily home schooled and he expressed frustration with her, unabashedly calling her a lazy child.

SHAME ON YOU Raymond Fabbrini!

Reason.com explains:

When the state Department of Human Services began investigating, it found no signs of abuse. But they did find representations of the struggles and frustrations of people with learning disabilities attempting to be parents:

In reports of concerns about the couple’s parenting skills, a MountainStar [a nonprofit Oregon group devoted to helping prevent child abuse] worker recalled having to prompt them to have Christopher wash his hands after using the toilet and to apply sunscreen to all of his skin rather than just his face. Fabbrini and Ziegler’s attorneys argue these weren’t sufficient reasons to keep them from their son.

This year the couple had a second son, Hunter. The state also took custody of him. This time they didn’t even wait to see how they’d behave as parents: Fabbrini was still in the hospital when they took the boy.

Oregon’s justification for taking Christopher and Hunter away: “limited cognitive abilities that interfere with [their] ability to safely parent the child.” In other words, the government declared them too dumb to be parents.


Child Protective Services are out of control, and not just in Oregon. In every single state there are stories of states taking children with no valid reason. Not only does this muck up the system for kids who REALLY need help, it destroys good families.

Child Protective Services is supposed to help children and families overcome stressful events in life, and stay together and healthy. But there are families who say that CPS does anything but that.

Millions of American families, parents and children are being subjected to grotesque injustices in every county in America through the ‘children as currency’ policy practiced by the Children’s Protective Services (CPS). Loving parents who find themselves in a vulnerable position are being targeted unjustly by CPS and separated from their children to supply income throughout local communities.

This corruption has become an epidemic without any recourse for the falsely accused.

Children are being removed from loving families without “evidence” or due process. This Abuse of Power is being bestowed upon Americans without charges of a crime, explanations, court orders, or immanent danger. American Families are being torn apart in the name of Federal Money.

Innocent children are forced into homes of strangers where they are actually abused, mentally tortured (by being removed from their parents), given an array of harmful medications (without parents approval or knowledge of doctor visits), and often murdered.

While these atrocities of “true child abuse” taking place on innocent children, the Parents are being subjected to horrific scrutiny as well. CPS and Family Courts are “dangling” children like carrots in front of parents and forcing them to do a seemingly never ending array of evaluations of every kind imaginable.

Parents are also required to undergo many other exhaustive “family services” such as drug testing, supervised visitation, parenting classes, mental health therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, just to name a few.

It does not matter if the parent has not ever had an issue with drugs or need for therapy in the past, they’re forced to participate in these “family services” in they ever want a chance to have their children returned to them.

The more “family services” a CPS caseworker can force a parent into, the better. These “family services” are not a service to the family whatsoever, they are in fact a service to the paychecks of the bias individuals receiving the federal money.

Parents are being forced to abide by these demands or never see their children again. Innocent parents are being treated as criminals and having to undergo worse conditions than an “actual criminal on parole”. Let me remind you, these innocent parents ARE NOT CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF A CRIME!!!

It is a sad situation.

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