Online Dating Woman Named ‘Scarlet’ Becomes A NIGHTMARE For Five Men!

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As a contemporary ethics tale, the sorry epic of a woman named Sarah Lewis, who takes a sorry beating. As the gigantic world of online dating offers a generous scope for dramatic play, generally the worst that can happen is you spend a horrible date with a horrible person, looking down at your phone trying to throw together a quick exit plan. No harm done, just precious personal time at home with ice cream and Netflix wasted.

But it does not always end that badly? As for the five high-flying men who have been unfortunate enough to cross paths with 49-year-old Lewis, only to find themselves entangled in a situation worthy of the film Fatal Attraction, the ending is as bad as they come.

A mother of two, having been estranged from from her doctor husband last year, Lewis posted profiles under fake names on a number of the most popular dating websites.

‘Scarlet’, as she was was known on them, clearly was not shy about her goals, and what she was seeking. Making the image of herself on one website as a ‘cougar’— a word used to depict women looking for sex with much younger men – she certainly found what she had been looking for.

But what many will find profoundly dispiriting is the type of man who responded to her call.

Daily Mail:

All five claimed to be single but were married, the majority were parents, and all were living outwardly extremely respectable lives. Lewis clearly had something of a thing for men in uniform. They included two high-ranking soldiers, a member of the Royal Navy and an airman. The fifth was in the fire brigade.

And these weren’t just lowly squaddies. The Daily Mail can reveal that they included officers from both the Army and the Navy, men whose service had seen them lauded for bravery and whose official duties brought them into contact with members of the Royal Family.

But nothing could have prepared them for their experience with Lewis. Following their encounters she would harass not only the men, but their families, too.

On one occasion she cried rape. On another she pretended she had become pregnant while also claiming to have caught a sexually transmitted infection.

One man was so distressed he was pushed to the brink of suicide after Lewis threatened to show his wife a naked picture of him.

This women is in no doubt, what many of these cheating men deserved. Yet was a complete nightmare when it came to those who didn’t.

Appearing in court last week, Lewis had to admit to five counts of stalking and one count of ‘revenge porn’. For her actions, she was given a suspended prison sentence. It was claimed she was troubled from a personality disorder, had low self-esteem and according to her words, only ‘wanted to be loved’.

Given the massacre of broken marriages and destroyed careers she left behind, her victims have little affinity for her. Can you blame them? She is as unstable as they come.

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