One Group Of Women Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands To Prevent Gun Violence In Chicago! It’s Not What You Think

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The gun violence in Chicago, Illinois has been ravaging the city for decades. Despite it being one of the cities with the greatest level of gun control. It certainly is something that is scaring the life out of those living in the suburbs surrounding the city. Which is why one group of suburban moms and retirees created a gun club to protect themselves and their families.

Seven women came together to create a gun group started by 71-year-old Marietta Crowder. Crowder spoke with Breitbart News about why she decided to help create this club. Her husband is a retired banker and they both live within a gated community. She told a reporter the following,

My husband influenced me and we thought about it a long time. Maybe you need a gun these days, in your house at least.”

Their club name is Ladies of Steel for obvious reasons and Crowder’s friend and fellow retiree Javondlynn Dunagan also joined alongside her and explained her interest in joining the club. She noted the group gets together about twice a month to practice on gun targets and the class is specifically geared towards training women. Interestingly enough Dunagan had been a parole officer for close to 25 years before retiring back in a January. However, she had almost never used a gun despite interacting with ex-convicts on a daily basis.

She said,

I was at home by myself with my daughter, and I was used to having a firearm in a home with my ex-husband. So, I wanted to make sure that we were safe. I noticed that I never saw two women at the range together or a group of ladies. I started asking friends and they said, ‘Yeah, I’m scared of guns.’

Her desire to protect herself and her family, as well as, see more African American women like herself use firearms in a safe and productive way led her to join the club with her friends. Not only does she participate in the club she started her own business called JMD Defense & Investigations which specifically offers training programs for firearms for women only. Her classes also include ones for mothers called “Mommy and Me Self Defense Class.” The majority of her classes are attended by people from the South Side of the city where gun violence is the most prevalent and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Dunagan noted the following in regards to the mother and daughter classes,


That came about because my daughter was going to college four years ago and she couldn’t find a self-defense class on the south side of Chicago.”

The increasingly large percentage of gun violence, violent assaults, and murders is staggering in the city. Considering Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States it is not shocking they have such an issue.

As of last week there had been a total of 1,557 shootings and 369 murders in 2017 alone according to statistics from the Chicago Police Department. Gangs as well as drug abuse is often one of the primary factors behind these prevalent crimes.

The Chicago Tribune reported the following about gun violence in the United States,

To say that the U.S. lags other peer nations on this measure is a gross understatement. One study that examined 2010 mortality data from the World Health Organization showed that the gun fatality rate in the U.S. is 25 times higher than rates in other high-income nations. For victims ages 15 to 24, the rate is 49 times higher. Women in this country are 11 times more likely to be killed with a gun than are their international peers.

The burden of this violence does not fall equally. While African-Americans make up only 14 percent of the population, they account for 56 percent of gun fatalities, according to analysis by the Center for American Progress of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Nearly 50 percent of gun shooting victims are between the ages of 15 and 29, and gun violence has taken over the top spot as the leading cause of death for young people.”

The best way to prevent gun violence is to teach proper gun safety. There is no better way to do that than to take matters into your own hands and take classes for it. What these women are doing is the right thing. Clearly the local government and state authorities aren’t going to do anything to help. They are helping themselves by creating this club. We should all applaud them.

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