Old Lefty Columnist Suspended And Forced To Apologize After LYING About Law Enforcement! [VIDEO]

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A white newspaper columnist from Missouri has showed his douchey side with some controversy he’s now embroiled in. It has now lead to his suspension after he published an opinion piece last month attacking sheriff’s deputies for pulling him over, and pretending to be one with a ‘minority motorists’, as he put it.

Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark, better known to his followers by his homespun nom de plume, ‘Ol’ Clark,’ tried to take a swing at Boone County Sheriff’s Office in his June 30 column, titled, ‘Ol’ Clark has run-in with the law,’ which presented a melodramatic account of a recent encounter where the veteran journalist was pulled over for not using his right turn signal.

The main assumption of the 838-word article was that the deputies abused their authority by targeting Clark for his left-leaning opinions, as displayed in his vast collection of ‘liberal bumper stickers’ on the back of his car. He claimed that they treated him with ‘arrogance’ throughout their encounter and left him feeling as if his life…Wait for it…Was in DANGER!

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey was so outraged by Clark’s column, bashing the integrity of his deputies that he published a powerfully worded, thorough, and at times sarcastic 1,800-word rebuttal, in which he accused the writer of hawking ‘sensationalism.’

Sheriff Carey also found it necessary to release an 11-minute dashboard camera video that showed everything having to do with the controversial traffic stop in its entirety so that members of the public could judge for themselves, whether the old liberal columnist was telling the truth, or lying about the deputies.

Daily Mail:

Addressing himself in the third person, Clark opened his contentious column with the following passage: ‘After over three million miles of driving and using my turn signals religiously, Ol’ Clark was pulled over for not signalling a right turn, giving me a chance to better understand how minority motorists feel when they are pulled over for the most trivial reason, or no reason at all.’

After detailing the circumstances of the traffic stop, Clark wrote, ‘I’m lucky I didn’t get shot’ in reference to his decision to roll towards the shoulder of the road in order to avoid blocking traffic.

In the dashboard camera footage released by the sheriff this week, the female officer explains that Clark was stopped for failing to use his turn signal, to which he points out that there were no cars behind him at the time.
The deputy asks for his license and registration, walks back to the patrol car, then returns several minutes later with a ticket, at which point the back-and-forth between her and the motorist gets heated, with the latter repeatedly asking for the ticket as the officer attempts to explain why he is being cited for a moving violation.

Clark concluded his opinion piece by expressing empathy for ‘those minorities when they speak of harassment and police arrogance.’

After repeating his claim that he felt that his life was in danger, the 84-year-old veteran writer said in closing:

‘I fully understand how a person can lose their respect for law officers. When you are in the shoes of the minority, you learn a lot more about their journey.’

Upon assessment of the dashcam footage and speaking to both Clark and Carey about what exactly went down, Columbia Daily Tribune’s managing editor, Charles Westmoreland, made a telling announcement on Thursday that the veteran columnist, who has written 2,600 articles for the paper since he started in 1956…

…Has been suspended indefinitely.

The Tribune will will also run an apology penned by ‘Ol Clark’ himself in its Saturday issue before he takes a hike on his suspension. Now that’s justice!

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