Newest Global Warming Solution! Eat Bugs! Lots of Bugs!

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No, serious folks, the latest fix for the global warming hoax is out and it is real. Liberals want you to trade your beef for bugs!

Experts think it could ease the global food crisis, and in the process, save mankind from catastrophe!

A professor of tropical entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Arnold Van Huis, conducted an experiment with two batches of meatballs: One was made entirely from beef and the other was a 50/50 blend of beef and ground MEALWORMS. The Test subjects didn’t know which meatballs were which.

Newest Global Warming Solution! Eat Bugs! Lots of Bugs!

When they were asked which they favored, nine out of ten chose the one mixed with mealworms.

Thanks, but no thanks!

In many parts of the world, this might not seem so gross, but I am NOT eating insects. explains:

“Van Huis, a long-time advocate of entomophagy, or the practice of eating bugs, believes this could be the answer to the global food crisis, touched off by shrinking ranch land and water resources and climate change.

For most of us, eating insects is an absurd notion. If you ask a Westerner to name the most disgusting food on earth, there is a good chance that either a cricket or a grub will be mentioned. Yet more than 2,000 species are considered edible and an estimated two billion people worldwide already consume insects as part of their regular diets — especially in the Asia-Pacific region, where entomophagy has long been accepted.


There may be good reason for the rest of us to follow their example.

What we eat and the way it is produced has a huge impact on the planet. Our dietary habits — rich in animal protein — are among the biggest contributors to global warming. According to the Washington, D.C.-based World Resources Institute, traditional livestock farming is responsible for 14 to 18 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally. And with the world population expected to reach 9.8 billion by the middle of the century — an increase of roughly 30 percent — the environmental challenges will only become more pressing. To feed that many people, the U.N. estimates that global food production must double.”

Now you might be willing to eat bugs. In fact, at one time, the Six Flags over Texas franchise offered 1/2 price tickets for people willing to eat a cockroach. Well…until PETA found out and decided to cause a stink. Figures right?

So that brings up my next thought. Let’s run to a place 50 years in the future. The left has successfully stopped the terrible harvesting of beef, and replaced meat on your plate with insects instead.

You do know that the liberals will be complaining about the horrific treatment of the local delicacy known as the fried grasshopper! You will see abuse memes showing the brutal killing methods of killing crickets!

It will never stop.

Global warming is a hoax and it has been perpetrated by a LOT of data manipulation. The reason that the hoax is so important to the left is that they want to control all aspects of your life. They want to redistribute you money, and they want to tell you what you can do and eat.

I will not eat bugs, period.

Just ain’t happenin’!


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