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New Citizen Gets Welcome Letter From Past President!


President Trump got inaugurated almost 6 months ago. However, thanks to the Senate delays in approving cabinet members for the Trump administration, some new citizens are still getting ‘Welcome to America’ letters from our PAST president, Barack Obama. That’s right!

Trump has nominated Lee Francis Cissna for the Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, but since the Senate is so far behind in their approval of appointments, the office is without a current director. Why would they send letter with the PAST president though? Are you telling me, that someone in the Office of Citizenship and Immigration can’t figure out to change the name on a form letter?

H/T Western Journalism:

Almost six months after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, and with dozens of appointments pending in the Senate, at least one new citizen has been welcomed to America with an official letter from former President Barack Obama.

“My British-born husband takes his oath of citizenship today,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Aisha Sultan tweeted. “In the packet for new Americans, the welcome letter from POTUS is from Obama.”



My British-born husband takes his oath of citizenship today. In the packet for new Americans, the welcome letter from POTUS is from Obama. 😂

The letter congratulates the new citizen upon becoming an American and encourages the new citizen to become engaged and uphold the principles of a democracy.

The office of Citizenship and Immigration Services distributes the letters to offices around the country, but did not respond to inquiries Friday about how an old letter came to be used.

Maria Elena Upson said last month that it usually takes a few months after administrations change before new letters are ready and a new presidential video is ready to welcome citizens.

“Following a change in administrations, it typically takes several months for a new letter and video message to be produced and distributed to USCIS field offices,” she said. “During this interim period, USCIS does not provide a congratulatory letter or show a video message.”

The agency is currently without a director. Trump has nominated Lee Francis Cissna to assume the position of director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. However, she is still awaiting Senate confirmation.

Her position is one of many vacancies in the upper management level of the Trump administration. Many have not been filled because their appointments are being held up in the Senate.

As Senator Roy Blunt tweeted:

It’s time for Senate Dems to stop obstructing @POTUSnominations.

Cissna’s position is one of many vacancies in the upper management level of the Trump administration. Many have not been filled because their appointments are being held up in the Senate.

The White House recently blasted Democrats in Congress for delays that have meant only 23 percent of Trump’s appointments requiring confirmation have been approved, a level far below the 69 percent that was achieved by Obama at the start of his term.

“Democrats in the Senate have delayed crucial appointments made by President Trump in an attempt to obstruct the will of the American people and the president’s agenda,” the White House said in a press release.

Of the 197 Presidential nominations to agencies, the Senate has only confirmed 48,” the release said. “Democrats in the Senate have shown they are willing to break irresponsibly with tradition that allows a president to choose his own appointees in a timely fashion.”

“In an effort to prevent President Trump from following through on the policies for which the American people voted, Senate Democrats are putting his nominations through time-consuming parliamentary procedures not seen by the previous administration,” the release said.

Come on people!

Does it SERIOUSLY take THIS much time to approve nominations? Talk about stalling on Trump’s administration! 23% approvals?! Are you kidding me?! How pathetic is that! We’re talking about our national security!




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