Mom Starts Singing to Sweet Little Baby, Captures Reaction That Melts Hearts of Millions!

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Nothing says love like a mother with her newborn baby. There’s just a special connection you can not describe. You have to experience it. It’s a bond that lasts a lifetime. A strong bond that no one can deny.

Sometimes when the baby hears the mother’s voice, she will just stop, smile and be at peace. But what if that mother’s voice is expressed through a song? What happens then? Does the baby cry or smile? Or is the baby just mesmerized?

That’s just what happened when a mom sang to her baby peacefully laying in her arms. Her little one could not look away.

H/T Liftable:

As the mom continued to sing, the baby propped her hand under her chin. She was so content to listen to her mama.

The mom’s angelic voice sang a sweet and happy tune, causing her daughter to smile with delight. She even let out a little giggle when mom kissed her at the very end.

The video was filmed in Coimbra, Portugal. The Portuguese song may have been a traditional children’s song that the baby heard frequently.

It’s so amazing to see this little one just look straight into her mom’s eyes the whole time she’s singing the lullaby. How adorable!

As she sits and stares her tiny hand is perched on her cheek, making it appear that she is concentrating intently on every word her guardian sings.

The short clip has garnered over 140,000 views since being uploaded to Facebook and it seems most who have seen it were just as encapsulated with the baby’s gaze.

Here’s some viewers reactions from the post:

One viewer said: ‘Watching momma’s mouth thinking I want to do that.’

Another remarked: ‘It’s an angel.’

One more said, ‘Such a nice Portuguese song! And such a sweet mother/daughter interaction!’

Another posted, ‘I love how they positioned her hands like she’s really thinking hard lol! She loves her mom singing this ding for sure.’

Finally someone stated, ‘So adorable. I’ve watched it so many times. BTW DM, it has over 12 million views (in just 3 days) on Face*book’s Uni*lad.’

The song that was sung was a lullaby, which is why the baby was so peaceful when she heard it. Either way, her reaction is melting hearts everywhere!

It seems like this mom has found the trick to getting her baby to stay calm. Just sing her a pretty melody and tears are nowhere to be found.

Another mom’s singing has just the opposite effect on her little girl. Despite her mom’s beautiful voice, the 10-month-old can’t help but cry when she hears a certain sad song.

The crocodile tears really come into play when the mom sings the chorus. Though crying babies are usually sad, this little girl is just too cute in her display of emotions.

It may be just a song, but this baby could feel her mom’s emotion coming through the heartfelt song, by the way she was singing. Hearing her mother her tiny tears just flowed naturally.

The Leroux family is from Canada.

The Dad, Al, uploaded a video of his wife singing to their then 10-month-old baby who starts to cry and display an onerous amount of emotion when her mommy starts to sing “My Heart Can’t Tell You No” by Rod Stewart.

Since it was posted on YouTube in November, the video titled “Baby Cries When Mom Sings” has gone viral big time! In just one week, it garnished over 25 million views. That number is most certainly spiked after Ellen’s raving interview with the simply adorable family.



This just goes to show you that if your baby is going to do something adorable, maybe quickly turn and grab your phone! You never know what cuteness is going to be displayed that could go viral!


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