Massachusetts Teachers Union Will Not Back Bill Banning Teacher and Student Sex!

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After 6 months, the Massachusetts state teachers’ union is still refusing to sign on and endorse a bill that would outlaw sex between teachers and students.

What are they thinking? What are they waiting for? This should be a no brainer. Of course these are liberals we are dealing with.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association, which has 110,000 member, told Fox News it is reviewing the measure, which was introduced six months ago.

“The Massachusetts Teachers Association’s priority is always to protect students and the educational environment,” the union said in a statement to Fox News. “While we are still examining the many components of this proposed legislation, we understand that its intent is to help ensure that our schools are nurturing places for students to learn and grow.”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. 6 months is more than long enough to ‘examine components’. They just do not want to back the bill.

FoxNews explains:

Besides criminalizing teacher-student sex, the bill outlaws sexual relations between a student and other adults employed by a school district, whether they are a salaried, a volunteer or work on a contract basis. It would also cover independent schools and youth organizations. Adults found guilty of violating the law would face a maximum jail term of five years or a $10,000 fine or both.

The measure marks the latest effort in a years-long battle to criminalize sexual relations between teachers and students in the state, which considers 16 the age at which a person can give consent to sexual activity.

The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Joan Lovely of Salem, said that getting the backing of the teachers union would significantly boost the efforts to get the law passed to protect students.

The union stance comes amid a plethora of cases of teachers having sex with students around the nation.

While not a new phenomenon, lawmakers in Massachusetts say a strong signal from the teachers union that such behavior is not condoned is appropriate.

Laura and Antonio Siracusa were recently horrified when then discovered their teenage daughter was in a sexual relationship with her Spanish teacher in Massachusetts seven years ago. The daughter and teacher denied they were a couple. But the parents eventually found evidence they couldn’t ignore, including a hotel receipt and graphic photos of the teacher taken with their daughter’s phone.

The school fired the teacher after administrators saw the photos, but the teacher refused to stop seeing the Siracusas’ daughter.

When the parents contacted a lawyer and police to intervene, they got an ugly surprise: There was nothing authorities could do. In Massachusetts and some other states, it turns out, it’s legal for a teacher to have sex with a high school student, as long as the student is at least 16 and consents.

“It was unfathomable to us,” recalled Laura Siracusa, who told her story to state legislators last year in an unsuccessful effort to persuade them to change the law. “We couldn’t get our arms around the fact that we had no legal options.”

Attorneys, police, and child welfare advocates say the age of consent law in Massachusetts is just one example of how outdated statutes enable educators in both public and private schools to exploit students with impunity.

“There are too many loopholes,” said Terri Miller, president of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct & Exploitation, an advocacy group based in Nevada that is pushing for stronger laws nationwide.

Insanity. Unions have become worthless cesspools of liberalism. The Massachusetts state teachers’ union should be ashamed of themselves.

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