Man Grabs Woman’s ‘Backside’, She Fought Back With A ‘Choke-Hold’ Till Police Came

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A New York woman has come on the internet scene as a sort of hero after she fought back against a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her while out at a bar.

Krystal Olsen is a 32-year-old Long Island native (there’s one hint that you shouldn’t screw with this person), and is currently bartending in Arizona, which is where the alleged assault all went down.

 According to a viral tweet, Krystal was out and about that night when the man now arrested, decided to give a little feel to her backside — to which Krystal reacted by grabbing the little punk and putting him in a choke-hold, dragging him outside to were security was, and getting him arrested…Which apparently was too harsh for the lad because he was reduced to tears.

On July 1st, she posted the outcome of what happened:

“This guy grabbed my a**, I dragged him out in a chokehold, he slammed me into a wall. And is crying like a b*** when he got arrested.”

Here’s her tweet:

Along with the Twitter post, she also posted a picture of the man, who is seen sitting on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back. And, oh yeah, he’s letting the waterworks turn his face into a plastered mess.

Krystal said that the head of security at the venue took advantage of the creep’s pathetic state, and snapped a photo for all his fans, and in fact, the entire security team found it all so amusing, they couldn’t help but mock him.

She continued:

“Security was dying that I went full New York on his a**.”

The tweet has speedily attained widespread attention, racking up over 356,000 likes — most of it all words of support against sexual violence, and standing your ground.

“Shout out to you for defending yourself. Proud of you,” posted on woman.

A man also chimed in:

“You are awesome and I want my daughter to grow up to be just like you.” (Okay, sir, calm down. You don’t even know this woman.)

Some people, like this idiot, couldn’t help but bring up race, because well…Many people are social justice douchebags. For example:

“The tears of a white guy realizing his white guy card isn’t going to work this time.”

People and simpletons.

But even with most commentators giving supportive comments that have been overwhelmingly positive, a few tweeters have come to the defense of the man who committed the assault, giving the most ridiculous arguments that they would never give, if the shoe was on the opposite foot.

“Poor boy. You don’t think you’ve overreacted?” asked one idiot, who unsurprisingly, was met by a mob of people who didn’t like his comment.

“Men don’t get to touch what they want whenever they want and get a simple slap on the wrist. He assaulted her so she assaulted him back.”

Another wrote,

“groping someone without consent is literally the definition of sexual assault.”

Then one women brought some commonsense to the game,

“Don’t assault someone and they won’t need to defend themselves. Case closed. Open & shut. That simple. Don’t grab strangers. He chose to commit a crime. She chose to defend herself.”

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