Man Gets Death Penalty FINALLY, After Killing His 6th Wife!

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A man who was found not guilty of killing his second wife has been sentenced to death for calling for the murder of his sixth wife and then killing her hit man.

On Wednesday, a jury decided that Thomas Randolph, 62, would get the crowning punishment for hiring a handyman to kill his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, and then killing Michael James Miller, the man who killed her, in May 2008, by shooting him.

Family and friends felt triumphant in the outcome and sentence. They had waited for justice a long time. Randolph was first arrested back in January 2009 for his role. The trial took eight years as Randolph did everything he legally could to stall, much by firing several attorneys over the years.

Causse’s daughter, Colleen Beyer spoke with reporters on the matter:

‘I feel that’s really what he deserves. He’s a monster. He’s one evil, evil monster.’

Randolph had said he stumbled upon Causse’s body, she was dead of a gunshot wound in the hallway of their Las Vegas home, and when he saw another person in a ski mask, who he knew was Miller, he shot him five times to clean up any evidence.

However, investigators were mistrustful given that a previous wife had already been killed of a gunshot to the head, Randolph had a $360,000 insurance policy out on Causse, and the ‘burglar’ turned out to be Randolph’s own handyman, Miller. Randolph in reality got two death sentences, one for each victim, from a jury of eight women and four men.

Daily Mail:

Three decades ago, Randolph was acquitted of the murder in the death of his second wife, Becky Gault Randolph, who was found dead of a single bullet to the head in the couple’s Clearfield, Utah, home in 1986.

Her death saw him get insurance payouts of $250,000. He claimed his wife had committed suicide and had tried it once before, but prosecutors claimed that he and friend Eric Tarantino planned her murder.

A former friend testified that Randolph used to walk round singing the chilling lyrics to Rod Stewart’s Foolish Behavior, which include lines such as ‘They’ll think suicide, they won’t know who done it/I’m gonna kill my wife, I’m really gonna take her life,’ after the death of Gault.

Randolph was acquitted of murder in that trial, although he pleaded guilty to tampering with a witness.
Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Bluth said that Randolph was the ‘worst of the worst’ and deserved the death penalty.

She argued her case in court:

‘Shouldn’t the death penalty be about the worst of the worst? It should be saved for those human beings in society who are the worst of the worst.’

Prosecutors said Randolph had betrayed Miller so he could tie up any loose ends, which is exactly what happened in the first murder trial, when Tarantino testified against Randolph…He wasn’t going to let that happen again.

In court, Bluth said:

‘The only reason Mike Miller is dead is because Eric Tarantino lived to tell the story, and Thomas Randolph was not going to make that mistake again.’

Two of Randolph’s former wives also said he’d threatened to murder them. Two other wives he had married had died of illness.

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