Man Accused Of Sexual Assault On Wife’s TEEN Sister, Kills Himself Before Going To Trial!

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A Florida man who was accused of sexual assault on the teenage sister of his wife, who is a young Spanish foreign exchange student he married, has now killed himself in his backyard while awaiting trial.

Dale Leary, 50, was found dead in a car in the backyard of his home in Cutler Bay early on Tuesday morning – just days after being released from jail, and being put on house arrest.

Also with Leary was his ex-wife Claudia Leary, whom police found alive in the car when they responded to a 911 call.

Emergency crew rushed the women to hospital and she is expected to survive, according to a spokesperson.

Police found evidence concerning a hose that was near the car, but have not yet confirmed the cause of death, according to other reports.

A friend who was worried had alerted police to the scene at the home. Police have claimed that Leary’s death looks to lean very strongly towards suicide.

In CBS footage from the scene, you could see Larry’s body laid out under a tarp placed outside the car. Leary had been divorced from his wife Claudia, and moved on to marry Marta San Jose, then aged 18, in 2014. He met his second wife when she came to the country and stayed with the couple as a 16-year-old Spanish foreign exchange student in 2012.

San Jose’s parents and younger sister in Spain had no idea that the two were in a relationship, let alone married.

Daily Mail:

Leary and San Jose, now 21, were both charged last week after they allegedly sexually assaulted her 14-year-old sister when she came to visit them in Florida.

San Jose’s parents had sent the 14-year-old girl over to accompany San Jose back home to Spain, according to police.

Police said San Jose manipulated her sister into believing that she may have been molested as a child.

‘Marta persuaded her sister to allow Dale to conduct a vaginal examination, claiming that Dale would be able to determine if she had been sexually assaulted,’ arrest records state.

‘The victim agreed to the examination and Dale digitally penetrated her vagina.’

Leary also allegedly made both sisters perform oral sex on him multiple times.


Leary was an obvious piece of trash. When the victim was asked to explain to investigators what had happened, she told police Leary made her take off her clothes and wear high heels while he snapped photos of the her.

Leary and San Jose both went with a not guilty plea last month on charges including lewd and lascivious behavior on a child, sexual performance with a child and contributing to the delinquency of a child.

San Jose is still in jail and her lawyer, Jorge Viera, said he was getting ready to share the news of her husband’s death.

This had bad written all over it. I don’t care how old you are, divorcing your wife and getting with an 18-year-old exchange student you used to house when she was 16 is just plain sick. The disgusting creep was a coward and went out like one.

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