Libs Block Diplomat Car… Find out Real Quick That They Operate By a Different Set of Rules!

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Recently, President Trump returned from the G20 summit in Germany. As many Americans and others around the world witnessed the G20 summit, we also witnessed the crazy protesters and rioters in the streets.

As rioters continue in America and elsewhere to get more and more out of hand and harm innocent bystanders, common sense measures are being put in place to deal with their antics and their disruptions of traffic in streets.

But when it comes to protesters and diplomats, that’s a whole different world.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

In a video posted earlier this month on Facebook that has gone wildly viral, German protesters learned the hard way just how unwise it is to block a diplomatic vehicle — and that doing it with childish barricades is a really bad idea.

In an incident that reportedly took place in Hamburg, Germany, a group of protesters set up their wall of whiners to spread whatever message they were looking to spread, but likely unbeknownst to them, they had stopped a diplomatic vehicle.

This year’s G-20 summit in Hamburg was marred by a series of sometimes violent protests — and those whose job it is to protect the lives of diplomats were not happy.

They showed the protesters that there is only one way to deal with a ridiculous roadblock like this that refuses to break up — apply the gas pedal. Check out the video below, shared by Car Gadgets:

Angesichts der Situation in Hamburg… alles richtig gemacht…Audi a8(diplomatenfahrzeug) durchbricht Barrikade.Viral Shitfalls ihr euch unsicher in Hamburg fühlt: Verteidigungsspray: Hamburger Abendblatt

Posted by Car Viral on Friday, July 7, 2017

The driver can be seen giving a warning to the protesters, who respond with… clapping and chanting.

If that’s not the epitome of snowflakery, I really don’t know what is.

The driver, who could no longer wait for the protesters to disperse, ran the barricade, smashing up a bicycle in the process.

Man, how the road-blockers screamed. It’s almost like they were surprised to see things not go the way they wanted to. Huh.

It’s not unlike protests in the United States. People who are out and blocking the streets are not harmless — they are interfering with countless people’s lives to one extent or another.

Let me use a personal story just to show how much damage roadblocks can cause, even unintentionally.

A couple years ago I was serving as an after-care worker at a local school. It was my responsibility to make sure the children were taken care of for the half-hour or so between the end of class time and their more formal after-school programming.

I left 15 minutes early, and was 20 minutes late… because of liberal protesters.

Because some protesters wanted to chant together in the middle of the street, there were more than two dozen children confused and alone for quite some time until a teacher at the school found them and hosted them until I arrived.

Those protesters interfered with my day, the day of the teacher who took the children in, and most importantly, the children themselves, whom I had a responsibility to take care of.

Yes! In America, they have the right to protest, however they do not have the right to block traffic and put lives in danger. Some states have already passed laws that protect drivers who run into protesters like in Tennessee and North Carolina.

In North Carolina the law states, drivers are not protected from liability if they are “willful or wanton” in plowing over pedestrians, but are protected if they are exercising “due care” and hit someone who is “participating in a protest or demonstration and blocking traffic in a public street or highway.”

The North Carolina House passed HB 330 with a 67-48 vote.

 It was introduced by Republican Justin Burr who stated,
“This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally. It does protect individuals who are rightfully trying to drive down the road.”

These people are really nuts to think they can just run out in front of cars like they do and then sue the drivers. It’s not going to happen in North Carolina or Tennesse!

In addition, lawmakers in at least 18 states have proposed legislation that would make it harder to protest and create harsher penalties for protestors who are arrested.

State lawmakers in Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee and Florida have pushed bills to boost penalties for blocking roads and highways or trespassing, with the Florida bill also exempting drivers from liability for unintentionally injuring or even killing protestors who do so.

In Minnesota, legislators are considering two highway-obstruction bills and a measure that would allow protestors to be sued for the cost of policing their protests.

You would think if you stand in the middle of a freeway and try to block it, you’d deserve to go to jail. It should be that cut and dry, as Rep. Nick Zerwas stated.

“The reality is that you have no First Amendment right to free speech or assembly on the center lane on the freeway or the entrance to an international airport or the middle of a train track,” Zerwas said. “It’s already against the law to be there; all we’re doing is increasing the penalty. We are not taking a single protest or free speech activity that is currently legal and making it illegal…”

He’s got a point there. Yes, in America, protesters have the right to protest, but you would think they’d use a little common sense and safety.

Let’s hope other states soon join in passing similar laws as well.


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