BREAKING! Largest Organized Voter Fraud Operation in Texas History! 1000’s of Forged Ballots!

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At least two races were won by Democrats through major voter fraud in one of Texas’ largest and most Republican counties!, Tarrant County!

Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas has documented severe voter-fraud and filed the evidence with the Texas Secretary of State who has referred to the evidence as “voluminous.”

OH HELL NO!!!  (In Texas when you hear those words you best run away very fast!)

From the KCTP:

Harris says his complaint contained over 1,500 pages of documents. And while the complete document is not yet public, Harris made one thing clear—political operatives inside Tarrant County have illegally forged thousands of signatures on ballot-by-mail applications and carrier envelopes over the last four years.

Harris says he is confident at least two local officials are in office as a result of the voter fraud he has uncovered – State Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. (D–Fort Worth) and Fort Worth Mayor Pro Tem, Sal Espino.

Espino won his race by a twenty-six vote margin in an election in which Harris says 450 votes were fraudulently harvested in that district alone. Romero won his seat by a 110 vote margin in a race that was similarly impacted by voter fraud.

Harris says the harvesting operatives usually push a slate of candidates to affect multiple races each cycle. The voters are either influenced, or have their votes stolen by the harvester.

Read More and see video at KCTP

The outcome of this investigation will be staggering. The left is salivating to turn Texas blue and so far their efforts have backfired.

Wendy Davis’ State Senate seat was in Tarrant County and she gave it up to run unsuccessfully for Governor. Republican Konni Burton took that seat.

The Liberal organization BattleGroundTX put everything they had into Davis’ race. Wendy could not even break through 40% of the vote and became known as the gift that kept on giving! She helped turn Texas redder, not bluer!

So now the liberals turn to the only option left… cheating!! Well Y’all got caught! I expect this story to have many legs as we find out all the details.

Yeah…someone better start running!

You can see Aaron Harris’ presentation at the Empower Texas FB page.

Here is a local report shortly before the election and before the Liberals actually stole two races with the massive voter fraud.


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