KARMA: George Lopez Gets LEVELED By Hispanic Cop After Saying We Should ‘Deport the Police’

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Lopez…Lopez…Lopez…you seemed like such a great guy, and then you went all crazy on us and showed your leftist cop-hating piece of trash side, and now we cannot remember even one reason why you were ever funny. Especially now that you’re trying your darndest to send a message to President Trump trying to say that we should deport our police to make American streets safer instead of ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico.

First off…what an idiot. Second, illegal aliens are breaking the law already, and in order to be here illegally they have to break even more laws and commit crimes such as stealing, murder, etc…in many cases. Some have the idea that since they are already illegal, there is no wrong in rape either…which uh, wrong. But what does Lopez care, his head is so far up his butt he couldn’t see logic if it bit him in the behind anyway.

So he would like to rid America of all the police. He’s screaming racist at every chance he gets but he himself is the racist, and a very hardcore racist at that. Inciting revolution, and violence against President Trump and our police? It sounds like he needs to look into moving out of a country he hates so much…and into a country he’s pretending to take a stand for, out of pure stupidity. Could he have become a celebrity in Mexico at the level he is now? Nope. Maybe a really great cruise boat entertainer though. Maybe.

There just isn’t the opportunity anywhere else that there is here in America, and yet here he is hating on the country that has given him a good life? Sickening.

Thankfully however, not even his fans are showing support for what he posted on Instagram. They are enraged in fact, but what is done is done and the internet makes your poor choices engraved in… FOREVER!

This is what his post said:

The comedian posted the controversial comment on Instagram over the weekend and has since made his account private, likely due to negative backlash from fans who are telling him to “stick to comedy.”

“The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer,” Lopez wrote. “You wanna make the streets safer deport the police!”

One of the more popular responses comes from a police officer who said the following:

“Hispanic police officer along with my wife, I have served 16 years, my wife 10. I have a younger sister half Hispanic and black and she served 7 as a police officer,” the man wrote. “I paid to meet you two years ago at the Majestic Theater in San Antonia. I remember being excited in getting to meet a Hispanic I was proud of. You found out my wife and I were police, joked by assuming position against the wall. We were escorted out, my sister was in line behind us kept quiet after a comment was made when my wife and I left, about police.”

It doesn’t get anymore ‘mic drop moment’ than that. There is literally nothing Lopez could say to pull himself out of that hole. That wasn’t all though…here are some other responses:

“Not cool @georgelopez. I’m Latina and I’ve been pulled over more than enough times for speeding. All but one cop were nice and respectful,” wrote another user. “I realize there are some bad apples in the bunch but your statement puts all cops in the bad bunch category. Please stick to comedy. You’re not that funny when you bring politics into your posts.”

“Keep calm george…i got two brothers that are police officer ..and we are Mexican/Americans..”

“That comment is fck up many latinos who fought hard and became cops #alllivematter puto,” wrote another.

Lopez didn’t expect his hateful post to receive such a reaction and has now made his Instagram account private.

To which I say…


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