Jay-Z Confesses That He Cheated On Beyonce Which Prompts Monica Lewinski To Get Involved

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Monica Lewinsky really knows how to put her foot in her mouth. (I know what you want to say…don’t do it.) Jay-Z has finally admitted to cheating on Beyonce not just once but several times over a period of 11 years of their 17 years together, and Lewinsky is praising him for it.

Okay, not the cheating, but the confession.

I have to say in my book…that’s not a praiseworthy gesture. What is however, is not cheating your wife in the first place. Also, he didn’t come clean until AFTER Beyonce made it very clear with her most recent lyrics for her Lemonade album that he was in fact cheating, and she learned it the hard way. So of course he releases his album and in it…says, ‘oh sorry’ which I’m sure is some kind of promotional stunt probably. Cheater.

Anyhow, Lewinski is praising the cheating arse hole beacuse he’s being honest about the affair. However, what is honest if it comes AFTER the betrayal? It just seems that Jay-Z is more into apologizing than asking permission, and yes, Beyonce pisses me off with her ignorant politics, but I’d still never wish this upon anyone. That’s for sure.

The truth is, these people are not exactly what you would call paragons of virtue, and for dang sure their credibility is not something to fascinate over, and we know that, and that includes this Monica Lewinsky jerk. But betrayal still sucks…no matter who you are.

She’s praising the rap artist because he was being honest about the affair. But he shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Committing adultery and hurting your wife this way doesn’t get smoothed over with an apology and a song. And frankly, for Monica Lewinsky to insert herself in a controversy like this between a husband and a wife is vulgar in the extreme. She doesn’t know these people or what she is talking about, yet she goes public with it. Probably because it gets her attention. SMH.

Jay-Z for his part blames it on being immature. He’s 45 and she’s 35. Man, you are way too old to use that excuse. “Look, I apologize, often womanize,” he raps. “Took for my child to be born, see through a woman’s eyes; Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles; Took me too long for this song.” And there’s more: “That was my proposal for us to go steady; That was your 21st birthday, you mature faster than me; I wasn’t ready, so I apologize; I’ve seen the innocence leave your eyes,” Jay-Z sings. “What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate? … My heart breaks for the day I had to explain my mistakes.”

Lewinsky unbelievably praised Jay-Z’s ‘transparency’: “(I)t’s not as if we hadn’t seen Beyoncé and Jay-Z out in the world together since then — not to mention, welcoming their twins to planet Earth. Jay-Z could have ignored it all. But, instead, he chose a path of candor.” What about respect for his wife and his children? Instead, all of this is in the open and brings shame on all of them.

BUT hold on that’s not all…Lewinsky also went on to discuss Brad Pitt’s infidelity and his divorce with Angelina Jolie. I’m telling you this woman is OBSESSED with infidelity…that is the only explanation for her ridiculous response. She went even further to discuss Prince Harry and how vulnerable males like him are to the same outcome.

She really needs to shut-up and sit down at this point. Down Satan…DOWN!

So odd…right? She wasn’t exactly being ‘transparent’ when she was caught with a dirty dress.

Just saying.

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