House Dems Should Be Worried About This “Cunning” IT Admin!

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If you haven’t heard about the Awan brothers, you are obviously sleeping under a rock or getting your news from the MSM.

The Awan brothers committed so much crime…made so much money…were a threat to our national security, all while under the noses of the DNC, the DCCC and the Clinton campaign.  Then, they ran off to Pakistan after they figured out that Hillary was not going to win the election. So far, they have not been caught.

I highly doubt you will get the whole story from Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz or the Clintons for that matter. It’s an embarrassing scam that the Awan brothers have gotten away with. It’s probably a bigger story than Clinton’s private email server, but you won’t hear that from the MSM, because there is so much dirt and crime under this rock…it will make your head spin.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

A shady Pakistani-born IT man accused of mishandling sensitive information for Democrats in the House of Representatives has been described as a con man by those who knew him best — and what could be uncovered has Democrats in full panic mode.

According to Politico, Imran Awan is one of five former IT staffers — all part of a family —  who are being investigated by Capitol Police for “stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network.”

The Democrats haven’t treated the breach as a serious issue, however. In fact, it wasn’t until a month after the allegations surfaced that Awan stopped working for Democrats. He and his wife apparently had a close personal relationship with former DNC head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and New York Rep. Gregory Meeks.

In fact, The Daily Caller reports that Awan and the other members of his family took in more than $4 million from the Democrats from July of 2009 until this year.

And what kind of behavior engendered this kind of trust? The Daily Caller noted that the father of the Awan children. A scandal involving this shady IT guy could be about to consume the Democrats in Congress… “despised his sons’ behavior so strongly he changed his last name to Shah — his son-in-law’s surname — according to court records and relatives.”

“The brothers’ stepmother, Samina Gilani, said in court documents that her husband was angry, in part because they had stolen disability checks from him,” the story continued.

“On their father’s deathbed, however, the brothers convinced him to let them steward his assets, perhaps in part because his second wife did not speak English or drive motor vehicles.”

Imran is very cunning and shady,” said Cristal Perpignan. She rented a house from Awan and had issues with him involving money. “He gives you a sob story and you believe him.” She also noted Imran told both her and other renters that his name was Alec.

The investigation into Imran and his family members has been going on for some months.

Imran Awan, was hired by Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2005 to manage her IT affairs. He convinced her and her congressional buddies to not only hire his brothers Abid and Jamal, his wife Hina and his brother’s wife Natalia, but his best friend Abbas as well.

All were paid over $160,000. It’s no surprise that Awans, a crew of flunkies, robbed the Democrats blind. You might ask yourself, who were the real stooges?

Imran not only had access to Debbie’s Ipad, but in addition, the Awan brothers allegedly had access to between 80-120 computers and Blackberries of various Democrats over at least a 12 year period.

What exactly did the Democrats expect after compromising the Congress’ networks for 12 years! The Awans did a quick cleanup by breaking into 20 congressional offices, stored data in an offsite server before running of to Pakistan.

‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz and the House Democrats hired a moron to manage their computer systems, the moron convinced them to also hire his family and friends, including a fired McDonald’s employee, and then the moron and his family completely ripped off said Democrats.

The story of an idiot, a moron and his scumbag crew…sounds like a typical Democrat story right? Crime followed by payoffs, followed by more crime.

The Awan brothers’ story is not new. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has been trying to set the record straight for some time now. He even gave a Congressional Testimony about violations of cyber security and procurement scam and an abbreviated employment history of the Awan brothers. Although I’m not surprised if you didn’t read about it in the MSM.

The more you dig into the story of the Awan brothers, the bigger and bigger the story gets. It is probably bigger than the Clinton server, but you won’t hear about it in the MSM. The MSM is doing their best to kill this story.

The Awans were not only employed by Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz, but also two members of the Intelligence Committee, Indiana Democrat Rep. Andre Carson and California Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier. That alone should make you a little nervous.

Although personal office computers aren’t supposed to be used for Intelligence Committee business or classified material, accessing these computers is a high priority for foreign intelligence services because of the information they could glean about the committee’s work from unclassified emails.  However, the Awan brothers had access to not only sensitive, but classified information including correspondence and emails.

Furthermore, there is evidence that House information was discovered in an external “cloud” server.

That’s right! These screwballs were reportedly sending and storing House-related information (classified and sensitive) in an off-site server.

Wait there’s more….

The Awans also had special access to the White House and Visas.

So why did the Awan brothers break in to 20+ Congressional offices when they already had full admininistrative and remote access to the computers. They could already access/edit/delete all the Congressmen’s email, files, and everything else.  They could even access the system remotely and transfer the data to a remote server. So why the break in? There was no reason to break into the offices to recover data, so what were they after?

Maybe they needed access to some software or needed to recover surveillance equipment. Maybe they had those 80+ members of Congress bugged and they had to retrieve their equipment.

Were they bugging Congress to have control over them? Were they paid by the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and/or Clinton to do their dirty work? Afterall, no one expected Trump to win the election, certainly not the Democrats anyway.

Everyone thought Hillary would win and this dirty little secret of the Awan brothers and their surveillance of members of Congress, would have been hidden for at least 4 more years, or even beyond that, who knows.

The Awan brothers and their little scam…is up! Whether you hear about it anywhere else…I highly doubt it.

From their IT scams to their car dealerships financed by Dr. Ali Al-Attar, a Iraqi politician connected to Hezbollah, to their fake visas and passports, to the diplomatic containers…Democrats should be very nervous about the dirt on the Awan brothers that has been swept under the rug for way too long?

Maybe in reality, all those ‘hacked’ and ‘leaked’ jobs that the Democrats have been trying to blame on the Russians…were nothing more than the cunning little Awan brothers pulling off their little scams on the DemocRATS.






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