House Democrat Formally Files Article Of Impeachment Against Trump!

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So, I guess Democrats don’t care about obstruction of justice when it involves other Democrats, but if there’s any inkling of ‘fake news’ about President Trump, they’re on it.

Forget about the real obstruction of justice and former President Clinton’s meeting with former Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch on a tarmac. Or how about when former AG Lynch asked former FBI Director to not call the investigation of candidate Hillary Clinton an investigation, but a ‘matter’? Yeah, Democrats are good at trying to make ‘fake news’ stick on Republicans, but forget about it when it comes to real news and real Democrats involved in real obstruction of justice.

H/T Western Journalism:

Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., formally introduced an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, based on an accusation that Trump obstructed justice during the federal investigation of Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The move follows debate among Democrats over the political wisdom of pushing for impeachment at this time.

Impeachment requires a majority vote in the House, which is currently controlled by Republicans who hold a 24-seat advantage over Democrats.

Sherman alleges that Trump’s abrupt dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey in May while the Russia investigation was ongoing amounts to obstruction of justice and “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Sherman cites Comey’s claim that Trump pressured him to discontinue the FBI’s investigation into former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn, and Trump’s shifting narrative regarding his motive for terminating Comey.

White House officials initially said Trump based his decision on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo which criticized Comey’s handling of the FBI’s investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Trump later told NBC News that the Russia investigation was on his mind when he was considering Comey’s dismissal.

The article of impeachment filed Wednesday states, “In all of this, Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.”

The impeachment initiative is unlikely to succeed in the Republican-controlled House.

Sherman said he hoped his move would signal a warning to the Trump White House and establish a legislative alternative in the unlikely event Republicans support forcing Trump out of office.

Sherman said he disagrees with Vice President Mike Pence, and never expected he would work to elevate Pence to the Oval Office.

“I served with Mike Pence in Congress for 12 years and I disagree with him on just about everything,” Sherman said in a statement. “I never dreamed I would author a measure that would put him in the White House.”

Yeah, right! Whatever!

Seriously dude? Now, Democrats want to talk about impeachment and obstruction of justice? Give me a break!

If Rep. Sherman wants to talk about abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and impulsive, ignorant incompetence…let’s have a real discussion on Hillary Clinton’s ‘pay-to-play’ and the Clinton Foundation. Or how about Obama and the payoff for prisons and the Iran Deal? Or would he rather talk about Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal and Russia. Or how about Podesta’s lobbying with Sberbank, the largest Russian bank? Or better yet, the $35 million that Podesta received from the Russian government on a little small green-energy company named Joule Unlimited? Yeah, Obama’s top adviser and Clinton’s campaign manager?

Of course, the list goes on and on…there’s Obama not enforcing the law of the land – the Constitution, allowing millions of illegals into our country, the terrorist attacks on our American soil, the Awan brothers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, voter fraud and passport fraud…Would you like me to continue?

I know, maybe I could recommend some reading material for you, Rep. Sherman. How about a book from Peter Schweizer, the author ofClinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich”?

Or you might enjoy my second recommendation, “Guilty As Sin”.

Do you really still wonder why California is so screwed up? Democrat Rep. Sherman is a perfect example. When you have Democrats like Sherman in charge of your state, you can certainly understand, why California is going broke, has a housing shortage, a drought problem, and immigration problem, and so on, and so on.

Maybe Rep. Sherman should spend more time concentrating and solving problems more in his OWN state. Just a thought.


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