Hidden Camera Video: CNN Contributor Van Jones Admits Russia a ‘Nothing Burger’

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A day after a CNN network producer admitted on camera that there was no “proof,” so far, to the Russia investigation, CNN personality Van Jones called the issue a “nothing burger.”

The undated footage shows the liberal analyst stating, “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.”

This isn’t the first time Jones had made such comments. While on CNN in January, he ranted about Hillary Clinton’s failure: “But she was running against an orange nightmare! She should have won by fifty states! I don’t want to hear about the Russians right now.”

CNN has neutered itself. It will take a long time to repair the damages and its parent company.

CNN President Jeff Zucker is in huge trouble. Recent reports claim that “AT&T will look to ‘neutralize’ Zucker after it buys Time Warner,”

This recent revelation for Van Jones just heaps insult on injury. CNN has gone from slanting coverage to the left, to outright lying to the American people and they have now been caught red-handed.

While many already recognized that the network consistently used ‘unnamed’ sources to push ‘news’ that is not real.

These last two weeks have been a “three-strikes and you are out” for what many labeled ‘The Clinton News Network’ almost two days ago.

First came a story, fed to CNN by Senator Elizabeth Warren, that CNN had to delete entirely. Three journalists ‘resigned’.

Then James O’Keefe released video evidence of a senior CNN producer touting the Russia narrative as “bullsh*t.”

Trying to semi-deny, CNN released a statement stating that Bonifield is just a “Health Producer” and “isn’t involved in Russia or Trump coverage.”

Now we have Van Jones.

Hidden Camera Video: CNN Contributor Van Jones Admits Russia a ‘Nothing Burger’

I noticed today that CNN is trying to be creative to keep the words ‘Trump’ and ‘Russia’ together in the headlines.


Officials struggle to convince Trump that Russia remains a threat

Interestingly enough, the two stories have an incredible connection. Obama is actually guilty of doing nothing when he found out that Russia might be trying to affect our elections. Hillary actually has incredible ties to Russia.

Neither one is there any evidence of Trump guilt.

But it does not matter, CNN wants to attack Trump, not Obama or Hillary.

But the Trump administration has taken no public steps to punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 election. Multiple senior administration officials said there are few signs the President is devoting his time or attention to the ongoing election-related cyber threat from Russia.

“I’ve seen no evidence of it,” one senior administration official said when asked whether Trump was convening any meetings on Russian meddling in the election. The official said there is no paper trail — schedules, readouts or briefing documents — to indicate Trump has dedicated time to the issue.

Top intelligence officials have raised alarm about Russia’s cyberattacks, calling them a “major threat” to the US election system.

It is insanity. If I were Jeff Zucker, I would leave the country in shame. He has no conscience.

It is a good thing for America that we have lots of news sources. Gone are the days when people relied on one paper and three networks for their information.

So vet the news for yourselves folks. It is vital!


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