He Spots Woman Walking in Rain and Goes Back to Help. Three Years Later, Shocked When Learns Her Identity! [Video]

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It is true that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. You have no idea the power that your actions could have on future events.

Sometimes you just have an urge to do something good and you do it with no strings attached. It’s an act of kindness, never meant to be returned to you, but when it is, it’s a great feeling. It makes you want to reward kindness more often.

Sometimes that act of kindess can be stopping to pick up something that a stranger just dropped and returning it to them. Sometimes it’s as simple as a smile or a hug. Sometimes it’s helping to carry something for a stranger that may be a little older or handicapped.

For Chris Wright it was giving a ride to a woman who was walking alone on the side of a road.

Something inside of him pulled him back towards the woman. After dropping his wife at church, he set out on a mission of kindness.

H/T Liftable:

Chris Wright and his family were headed to church one rainy Sunday, he saw something that caught his eye. A woman was walking alone on the side of the road.

Wright went and picked up TunDe Hector from the side of the road. Hector told him that her car had run out of gas and that she was walking to fill up a gas can.

She told the stranger that she only had $5 in her pocket, and Wright just knew he had to help. He filled up her gas can and gave her all the money that he had on him.

After delivering Hector back to her car, the two went on their separate ways. Their paths didn’t cross again for three years.

When Wright’s mother, Judy, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the family hired nurses to help with care. One of the nurse aides formed a special bond Judy.

They often spoke about the aide’s dream to go to nursing school. One day when the whole family was over to visit, the aide told a story about a stranger helping her out when she was down on luck.

Wright recognized the story and realized that the woman was talking about him. The aide was Hector!

We don’t believe in coincidence,” said Wright’s wife, Carmen. “We’re a family of faith.”

After Judy passed away, the family requested that instead of flowers, people donate to Hector’s tuition fund. The initial goal was $1,000, but because of the generosity of strangers, over $26,000 was donated.

Days later, they shared the good news with Hector.

Get your tissues out….

Oh Lord have mercy. Lord, you’re so good to me,” she repeated as Wright told her what they did. “You’re kidding me.”

“I don’t know why God chose our two families,” Carmen said. “But she’s family. It’s like she’s known us forever.”

How cool is that! Like I always say…kindness goes a long ways, so pay it forward, because it always comes back to you.



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