Gay Conservative Says Pride Celebrations Have Become Hateful and No Longer About Openness and Diversity!

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My friend, Jason Vaughn, wrote a piece for a Facebook post concerning recent Gay Pride celebrations and it has gone viral.

The leadership of the gay community has taken a decisive turn to the extreme far left and in doing so they have left the bulk of the LGBT community behind.

They hijacked the transgender community over the issue of bathroom use, even though true transgenders have been using women’s restrooms unopposed for decades.

The left has also tried to force LGBT issues into the classroom, going as far as to make human sexuality a conversation in kindergarten classrooms. Barack Obama went as far as to open shower, locker rooms, and hotel stays on school trips open to members of the opposite sex.

A transgender activist even went as far as to shame straight men who are not attracted to men dressed like women.

Gay Conservative Says Pride Celebrations Have Become Hateful and No Longer About Openness and Diversity

Recent Gay Pride events have been turned into ‘Resistance’ against conservatives and Trump, leaving behind the “pride’ of being a part of the LGBT community.

Many Pride celebrations this year purposefully pushed out any conservative gay organizations as well as gay law enforcement groups.

Social Media is proving that the bulk of the LGBT community has been left behind. They voted for Donald Trump in unprecedented numbers. They are not remaining silent.

My friend Jason is one of those voters. I present to you a portion of his incredible piece entitled: Can A Gay Republican Still Have Pride In The Age Of Trump? I would encourage you to read the rest at The Hayride. This is his first attempt at a published piece and it is incredible. Give him some support!

After years of running from, hiding, and denying my sexuality at 33 years old, I have finally begun to accept myself. Sadly, some of the gay community refuses to accept people like me and makes me wonder where a gay Republican really belongs. 

I grew up in a small town called Laurens, SC. It is most famous for having a redneck store with a Ku Klux Klan museum on the town square. A nice enough town, but not a place you wanted to be openly gay. I grew up going to church and viewed that as family. I even went to a Southern Baptist college where I was class president throughout my study to be a missionary. My faith was and is important to me, but with that came a lot of struggle knowing I was gay. I fooled around some in high school, but chose celibacy for over a decade. I even came out as openly gay, but celibate.

I’m now 33 years old and have come to appreciate my sexuality more. I still struggle with it and my faith and do not pretend to have answers. But I am moving forward and building a life for myself and hopefully will one day finding a partner to share in that life.

Perhaps I might even have met that person at this year’s Pride festivities. I might have… had people like me been welcome.

You see, this year Pride was not about celebrating openness and diversity. It was about hatred. It was about hating Republicans, Trump and anyone who might not fully embrace a liberal paradise of ideology.

In Charlotte, NC a group called “Deplorable Pride” was denied…

Read the rest of Jason’s piece at The Hayride!

Jason is not the only one.

Gina Roberts, a transgender woman from Los Angeles who served as a delegate at the 2016 Republican convention, said she was disappointed in the change to the Pride parade.

“There’s no way in heck that I would attend LA pride because it’s a Resist march,” said Roberts. “Instead of celebrating diversity, it’s the opposite of what Pride stands for.”

Matthew Craffey, a member of the conservative LGBT group Log Cabin Republicans, lives in Los Angeles, where he leads the local chapter. There, the Pride Parade has morphed into a Resist March to stand against the ideologies of a Trump presidency and how some of the members of the LGBT community fear his potential policies impact their lives. He states:

“I’m not discrediting people who have issues with the Trump administration, but my problem is that the Pride parade has always been political, but it’s never been partisan,” he said. “So it’s a missed opportunity for all of us to have a break from the division and the anger.”

“The beauty of a secret ballot is no one is going to know who you vote for except you,” said Charles Moran, a gay Republican who voted for Trump. He added, “[LGBT] people are shamed into lying that they didn’t vote for Donald Trump [when they did].”

What happens next? We will see. I predict that this hard turn to the left and the divisiveness that it is causing, will permanently push a large block of LGTB voters out of the Democrat party.

North Carolina resident Brian Talbert: “I never thought we’d get to a day where you’d have to fear being a Republican,” he told Charlotte’s local Fox station. “I’ve been told I can no longer be a part of the gay community, like they have some sort of power over that.” — “We’re members of the gay community, but we have the elite gays who want to stand up and say that they speak for us all,” he continued. “We’re here as living proof that they don’t.”

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