Firefighter Shoots Lawn Mower Driving Neighbor In Self-Defense [VIDEO]

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If you are a concealed weapons permit holder, you should know that what you do and how you react to situations is vital. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to draw your gun, you need to be sure that you have no other choice, or the law just might come down on you.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for one off-duty firefighter.

This firefighter was absolved of any wrongdoing after a video recording showed he shot and injured his neighbor all in self-defense.

A heated dispute between Dean Keller, 49, and Jeffrey Weigle, 59, over property lines, fences and dogs flared up between the two men in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 27. The heated dealing came out to gunfire and with Keller, an 18-year veteran Indianapolis Fire Department firefighter, firing upon Weigle, and hitting him four times. Police discovered on Wednesday that Keller was acting in self-defense as the video shows that Weigle was the assailant in the situation, all while insulting Keller and his wife.

Daily Mail:

The video shows Weigle approaching Keller’s property and jiggling what appears to be a latch on a gate, in the clip obtained by the Indy Star.

Weigle can be heard yelling expletives towards an off-camera Keller and his wife, before climbing onto a lawn mower and riding off. However, he backs up into view as Keller approaches the fence, seemingly to check if the lock is still in place. As Keller nears the property line, Weigle can be seen pulling a small gun from his pocket and raising it towards Keller, police said

The video shows Keller immediately backing away and firing several shots at Weigle, who doubles over on the lawn mower. Sounds of gunfire continues off-camera but it is unknown how many shots both men fired. At the end of the video, Weigle can be seen walking away.

The Indy Star reported he was hit four times and suffered a ‘sucking chest wound’ but Keller sustained no serious injuries apart from needing stitches. Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper said to the paper: ‘The decision to not file charges on Keller was a simple application of Indiana law and should not be looked upon as condoning the behavior of either party.’

He added: ‘Given the aggression shown by Weigle it was reasonable for Keller to believe deadly force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to himself (and) his wife.’

The men had been at each others throats in an ongoing feud involving contention over property, fencing and dogs, with a dozen scraps in differences dating back to 2009.

A preceding incident that happened back in 2011 had both of the men being arrested on battery charges, with Keller being stabbed in the arm and Weigle with cuts, scratches and bite wounds.

This time the conflict intensified to firearms where both men drew weapons on the other. Weigle only rents a room that neighbors Keller’s home, owned by Nancy Phillips. Weigle had stolen her gun from underneath her pillow and used it to point at Keller in the altercation.

Weigler will no doubt face charges when he recuperates from his injuries.

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