Fed-up Cop Tells Anti-Cop And Celebrity Crowd Off, Video Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons [WATCH]

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This police officer is not alone in what he believes is happening. We have all known for a long time that the violence and hatred against police officers has gone way to far for far too long. In just 8 years, Obama has made this sickening reality possible, and he feels not one bit sorry for it if we were to use his actions as a measure of his remorse. Not one bit sorry.

After the murder of New York Officer, Miosotis Familia, who is a mother of 3 and was taking care of her elderly mother, Officer Martin Green has decided it’s too much, far too much for him to standby and saying nothing about. He is absolutely ticked over the lack of outrage that this innocent officer’s death has caused.

Where are the women in their pink vagina hats? Where are the celebrities pouring out their dramatic souls on video, twitter, and facebook? Where is blacklivesmatter now that a black police officer has fallen to assassination? No where. They are all silent, and some are even celebrating.

Because this officer is not a criminal, and she was not shot dead by a police officer…they remain silent.

To top it all off, not only are the scumbags remaining silent but New York’s very own Mayor, Bill de Blasio even left the country just one day after the assassination took place, and all to go protest President Donald Trump in Germany. It wasn’t an emergency, it wasn’t mandatory, but he still chose to go do that instead of stay back and help his men and women in blue through such a tragic loss. Zero loyalty to his own.

But folks, it gets worse…

At this officer’s memorial, a teenager played N.W.A.’s “F**k Tha Police” through his window at full blast during the ceremony from right across the street inside his house.

It’s too much. It’s so wrong, and it’s heartbreaking.

Officer Green knows this…so he unleashed on this 2 minute, 20 second now viral video:

“Where the hell are all the celebrities now!?” he said in a video shared on Facebook. “Where are all the sports teams wearing NYPD shirts?

“Where are the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ people? Where are you right now?

“Why is it that every career thug, every career criminal, every piece of garbage low life scum of the earth get the attention when they are shot and killed for breaking the law?” Officer Green said. “When they are shot and killed by the police they become heroes. They’re families become millionaires.”

Officer Green spoke to New York’s WPIX and explained why he made the video.

“When we have a police officer gunned down in the line of duty – there’s no outrage,” he told WPIX. “No one is stepping up for the cops, nobody is looking out for the police and they continue to demonize the cops and that’s an issue as far as I’m concerned.”

He said he understood why groups like Black Lives Matter are angry at police shootings but he wants them to know there is another side of the story.

Officer Green WANTS people to see this video, he wants dialogue to start on the issues he is bringing to the table very loudly and clearly, and it might just do that seeing as how the video is completely sweeping across all of social media!

Here is a special interview, you don’t want to miss this one either:

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