Father Evades Police, Flips Car, Then Wrestles With Officer While Swinging His 2-Year-Old Around

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A police body cam recorded the moment a fleeing suspect turned his car over going 95 mph then came out from the vehicle to fight off police while still holding and swinging around his child.

In an ’emotionally draining’ clip, a suspect battled with police while hazardously hanging his two-year-old daughter from his arms as he tried to elude the arrest.

Bryan Martin, 22, led Richland County, South Carolina, police on a crazy chase, before finally flipping his car and attempting to fight off the officers.

The incident was recorded and played on live TV as part of an A&E series on Saturday. Martin is now being charged with various charges including child endangerment, reckless driving and possession of marijuana.

The recording we see begins with police already in pursuit of Martin, after authorities received a heads up to a report of gunshots with Martin fleeing the scene.

Officers convey through radio and report that Martin took a left turn, and it’s then that you see a car flipping over in the distance.

As they move towards the scene, the car is seen upside down and two officers coming out from their squad car, shouting ‘don’t you move!’

Daily Mail:

Martin climbs out from the driver’s window with his daughter in his arms. Richland County Deputy Chris Mastrianni tries to restrain Martin by wrapping his arms around the man, but Martin attempts to fight him off. The two men struggle with one another while Martin is holding his flailing daughter with one arm, with Mastrianni shouting his concern for the child.

The officer is heard saying, ‘That’s your baby!’ and ‘Let go of the baby!’

Finally, Mastrianni manages to get Martin to safely let go of the child and the two continue to wrestle with one another while Martin is visibly upset. Other officers arrive to the scene to handcuff Martin, and Mastrianni walks back over to check on the condition of the child.


Dan Abrams, who is the host of the show, later tweeted:

‘I’ve done a lot of live television, but tonight’s #livepd was definitely one of the most emotionally draining. Ever.’

Mastrianni also tweeted later after the show that he was grateful of the support he received and said: ‘Thank you to everyone that has reached out to me with so much love and support about last night. It was a long night and everyone is safe.’

It was reported that Martin was arrested and charged with failure to stop for law enforcement, assault while resisting arrest, unlawful conduct toward a child, driving under suspension-third offense and simple possession of marijuana.

The little girl was taken to the hospital to check on her injuries but was unscathed, and she is now being cared fo by her relatives. Martin is in no way, shape, or form, fit to be the father of this child. Unfortunately, he is. Hopefully these charges will wake him up to his bull crap…though it will be hard to get the image of his daughter, dangerously swinging around in his arms out of my head.

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