Ex-Taco Bell Employee Goes On A RAMPAGE, Throwing Tea At Manager And Trying To Fight [VIDEO]

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A really hilarious and head shaking moment has been caught on camera at a Taco Bell, as a former employee returned to the restaurant in a tea-tossing rage to somehow get some sort of revenge? At least that’s what it looks like. Yet there are so many other hilarious and trashy components to this story, you just have to read on watch.

The former employee is named Margarita and is seen in the video tossing gallons of tea around a Taco Bell in Converse, Texas I suppose as a way for her to dispute with the manager over her firing. This all happened before police arrived to arrest her.

The details having to do with the video are actually unclear. What sparked the dispute can be up for debate, but it seems reasonable that since Margarita was picking up a last check, it had something to do with that.

The dust up went down at a Taco Bell on W Farm to Market Road in Converse, as local media was able to confirm with a restaurant employee.

Daily Mail:

The video opens with a woman name Margarita, who is apparently there to pick up a final paycheck, flinging tea from a large dispenser at the manager Arturo across the counter.

Arturo retaliates by flinging an entire tea dispenser across the counter.

Margarita, still holding the empty dispenser she has emptied seconds earlier, hurls it back at him as the manager takes cover.

The irate ex-employee charges behind the counter with her 17-year-old son in tow. Arturo unleashes a stream of profanities at the boy and then takes off his shirt, challenging him to fight. Feet away, a customer looks in astonishment at the proceedings from through the drive-thru window.

‘Arturo the police is coming!’ one employee says.

Margarita grabs a metal spatula and begins yelling in Spanish as her son retreats from the heated dispute.

‘I don’t want to be on the internet, don’t put me on the internet,’ the manager says, suddenly seeming to notice the female employee who is filming the action. ‘I’m not going to put it on the internet, I’m just recording in case one of them did something crazy,’ she replies coyly.

After a suspenseful, ans somewhat embarrassing shirtless standoff between Arturo and Margarita behind the counter, the police show up and bring some order to the chaos. ‘I’m the manager, I’m the manager,’ Arturo, who somehow is still shirtless shouts as he puts his hands up into the air.

The officers waste no time in handcuffing Margarita and leading her from the fast-food establishment.

‘The cameras have everything! The cameras have everything!’ Arturo goes on with excitement…Again. Still shirtless. The police officer can’t help but notice and says ‘Calm down, put on a shirt’.

The video ends with multiple cops tackling Margarita’s loyal yet really misguided son in the parking lot.

‘I don’t f–king get paid enough for this s–t, man,’ one employee is heard murmuring off camera.

I would agree. Time to find anther job.

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