Ex-Med School Dean Lives A Double Life As Drugs, Criminals, And Overdosed Girlfriends Are Revealed!

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The former Dean of the University of Southern California’s Medicine School isn’t exactly the shining example of what a dean should be, as this one has a history of partying with young criminals and supposedly taking meth and ecstasy with them.

An investigation into the dean exposed the sleazy history of Dr. Carmen Puliafito, 66, who suddenly quit his million dollar job last year soon after a 21-year-old woman overdosed – inside his Pasadena hotel room.

The woman, who is identified as Sarah Warren, was hurried to hospital after the overdose in March 2016 and was able to be saved. Police investigators found meth in the hotel room but not a single arrest was made on the matter.

He resigned as Dean of Keck School of Medicine three weeks after the incident with his overdosed girlfriend when a witness to the overdose informed police and USC of Puliafito’s behavior.

Puliafito’s hush-hush life was recorded in photos and video shot between 2015 and 2016 by his so-called drug-related friends.

According to Daily Mail:

The footage, reviewed by the Times, allegedly shows him taking pills and smoking from glass meth pipes. It showed Puliafito – a renowned eye surgeon – partying with others in hotel rooms, cars and even the dean’s office at USC. He was filmed once showing an orange pill on his tongue before he swallowed it and said: ‘Thought I’d take an ecstasy before the ball.’

The surgeon was also filmed heating a glass meth pipe, inhaling and blowing out white smoke. Puliafito, nor USC, would not comment on the allegations. Warren said she met Puliafito while working as a prostitute in 2015. They saw each other regularly and she claims they would often spend the night together in hotel rooms he paid for. When she overdosed, Puliafito told the 911 operator he was a doctor.

‘My girlfriend here had a bunch of drinks and she’s sleeping,’ he told the dispatcher. When asked if the woman had taken anything else, he replied: ‘I think just the alcohol.’

Several men, most with criminal convictions, said Warren had introduced them to Puliafito. They claimed he had given them drugs like meth while they partied. Puliafito, who is married with three children, oversaw hundreds of medical students, professors research grants as dean of USC’s med school.

He was also heavily involved in fundraising and attended star-studded USC galas where he would pose behind celebrities, including Jay Leno, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pierce Brosnan. When he resigned from his $1.1 million job, the Harvard graduate said it was to explore outside opportunities.

Puliafito assisted in the invention of a laser technology to help analyze and treat eye disease. He also worked as Director of the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Insitute from 2001 to 2007 before he took a hold of the opportunity to have a post at USC.

He once found himself facing a lawsuit by an optometrist while working at the Miami University accusing him of assault and battery in 2006. Puliafito denied all of the allegations, and him and the university found a middle ground for a settlement with the optometrist the following year.

Puliafito, as it stands now, does not have a criminal record. Wow…

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