Doctor Murders Girlfriend, Their Baby Son, Their Dog – Then Kills Himself

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A cross-fit trainer from Nevada whose American Red Cross director and boyfriend killed her, their year-old son, their dog, and then himself was attempting to leave him, her mother has revealed.

The lifeless bodies of Dr. John Lunetta, 40, his girlfriend Karen Jackson, 35, their son John Jr, who come Wednesday would have been a 1-year old, and the family’s dog were discovered Monday night in their Las Vegas home.

Jackson’s mother, Patricia McMullen, told the media that her daughter had already been planing to get away from Lunetta.

Meanwhile, a friend of Lunetta’s said she thinks it might be that the ex-Army medic may have been troubled due to PTSD when he committed the murder-suicide. Of course that isn’t substantiated, and that seems to be the explanation by people who don’t understand the mental illness, in every violent event.

My guess is, he wasn’t a good man to begin with.

McMullen, a Florida resident, said she and her daughter had not been in contact for about four years, but that the pair had been corresponding between each other on Facebook in the days before her death. She said Jackson would never mention Lunetta very much at all.

Samira Knight, a family law attorney and friend of four years to Lunetta said she suspected a custody conflict over the baby might have been the last straw for him.

‘The only thing I can even contemplate happening is that she was going to take the kid and he lost it.’

Earlier in the week, neighbors said they had seen a moving truck in front of the home over the weekend and were left wonder on whether Jackson was moving out.

Others had said that Lunetta – who had a number of girlfriends before Jackson moved into his home a year and a half ago – was a dominant figure in their lives.


On Wednesday, police said they were notified and stopped by the home over a custodial argument in December 2016, but there had been no objection of violence.

McMullen also stated that she told her daughter, an Air Force veteran who had just passed a test to become a family nurse, that she was proud of what she had accomplished in life.

‘My daughter was a wonderful human being, she was a go-getter. She had dreams in her life and she accomplished her dreams.’

Lunetta took a gun and turned it on his small family on Monday; Jackson had been murdered with multiple gunshot wounds and their baby was shot once in the head, according to the coroner’s office.

Daily Mail:

He also shot the family’s goldendoodle before turning the gun on himself, said the coroner, who ruled the death a suicide. He legally owned a gun.

Police said the Jackson’s ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship was not home when her family was killed and is now safe with family.

Lunetta worked as the American Red Cross’ medical director for the Nevada region, with a focus on their blood services.

But prior to that he had served as a doctor in the Army, a neighbor said. Knight confirmed that, adding that she believed PTSD – either from his time in the military or due to his ‘difficult’ childhood – contributed to his actions.

She did not elaborate on her claims about his childhood. The bodies were discovered when relatives called police at about 7:40 pm Monday requesting a welfare check.

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