DNC In Dire Financial Straights After FEC Report Released! RNC Doing Better Than Ever!

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Politicians are corrupt there is no question about it. What is even less shocking is to find the blatant corruption within the Democratic National Committee. After losing the 2016 presidential election and losing special election after special election reports indicate they are close to $3.3 million in debt. They are spending more than they are taking in.

Just last month they raised close to $5.5 million in their mid summer fundraising period but they spent more than $200,000 over that amount. Which means they ended the month at $3.3 million in debt. This is all according to financial findings by the FEC. In comparison, the Republican National Committee was able to raise $8 million during this same period which brought their yearly total to $13.5 million. For cash on hand the DNC has a total of $7.5 million while the RNC has a whopping $44.7 million.

Clearly the democratic message isnt working, otherwise they would be making money.  A recent poll further confirms this fact after a poll of Americans was taken where 52 percent of those who were polled indicate they felt the Democratic Party stood for nothing other than standing against President Trump. This is also a dangerous time for the Democratic Party to be broke. The Republican Party now has the majority in the Senate, White House, and House of Representatives.

In next year’s 2018 midterm elections there are 25 of the 34 seats up for reelection that are held by members of the Democratic Party which gives them the opportunity to gain back the majority. However, if they remain in debt their fundraising abilities will soon plummet.  If they are unable to raise money, they will be pigeonholed while remaining in the minority.

The Observer reported the following about the release of this new information,

DNC Chair Tom Perez recently sent out a fundraising email to supporters claiming, “I know garbage when I see it,” citing that he once worked on a dump truck. It’s ironic that he referred to the GOP health care bill as a “flaming dumpster fire” because he has been presiding over the disaster that is the Democratic National Committee. The organization reported that May 2017 was its worst fundraising month since the Iraq War in 2003, and April 2017 was its worst fundraising month since 2009. In May, the DNC also reported that it has $1.9 million in debt. Despite the fact that former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez was recruited by Barack Obama to appease the party’s donors, lobbyists and PACs, even they have refused to prop up the failing brand.

Not approving of the strategies laid out at a retreat for donors in January 2017, billionaires Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman started their own political organization, Win the Future. As donors are increasingly tired of seeing their investments go to waste, many have started their own funds or used their access to take over leadership positions themselves—such as Florida billionaire donor Stephen Bittel did to become the Florida Democratic Party chair earlier this year. Democratic billionaire J.B. Pritzker is running for governor of Illinois, and billionaire Tom Steyer is debating running for governor of California. Haim Saban and James Simons poured millions into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but they have yet to be listed by the FEC as DNC donors in 2017. Additionally, George Soros has only given $33,900 to the DNC in 2017, but he poured millions of dollars into the Democratic Party in 2016.”

One of the greatest problems in regards to their fundraising could have to do with the fact their work is targeted in the wrong direction. They should be focusing on people who have a substantial chance of winning elections. For example, they funded over $50 million for Karen Handel’s Democratic opponent Jon Ossof in the Georgia special election. However, Osoff lives outside the district he ran for. They literally spent half of $100 million for someone who doesn’t even live in the district he was running for!

We can explain it for them, but we can not understand it for them. It is absolutely asinine to fund a person running for election who doesn’t even belong to the district he runs in. It is simply foolish. And since he lost the special election it was all for not. The Democrats could take a lesson from the Republican Party in regards to fundraising… and perhaps a few more things.

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