The DNC is BROKE! Millions In Debt and HILLARY Gets Blamed!

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During the same time that the RNC raises $75 Million and has $45 Million in the bank, the DNC finds itself BROKE with Millions in the hole.

Many in the DNC are blaming Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi for their woes. Not far behind is Obama’s personal pick for DNC Chairman, Tom Perez. Some are also blaming Barack Obama himself!

The Democrat Party reported that May 2017 was its worst fundraising month since the Iraq War in 2003, and April 2017 was its worst fundraising month since 2009.

June was a record breaking fundraising month for the RNC bringing their YTD haul to over $75 million, or roughly double what the DNC has managed to raise so far in 2017.

The DNC is BROKE! Millions In Debt and HILLARY Gets Blamed!

Most interesting is that the party’s big donors, lobbyists and PACs have refused to prop up the failing brand.

The money is all dried up! Even George Soros is holding his money. Soros has only given $33,900 to the DNC in 2017.

To make matters worse, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is in denial.

ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Pelosi to grade the Democrats. Pelosi responded, “In terms of unity, 100 percent unified.”

Karl shot back asking her, “Two-thirds of the American people say the Democratic Party is out of touch … Isn’t the Democratic Party a bit of a mess right now?” Pelosi responded, “No, it isn’t.”

As for Pelosi, members of her own party have constantly called her “out of touch” with her Democratic base.

Recently appointed DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison blamed former President Barack Obama and accused him of not being a “better party leader.” Ellison said, “Look I’m a great fan of President Obama … But Barack Obama could have been a better party leader, and I think the fact that he wasn’t put his legacy in jeopardy.”

The left’s progressive darling, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), also criticized Obama’s “giant bling spots” in his communication with “most Americans.”

Rolling Stone blames Obama for the whole mess.

“Responsibility rests foremost at the feet of former President Barack Obama. As a candidate, Obama sidestepped the party’s next-in-line culture, riding into the White House on the strength of a then-revolutionary digital-and-grassroots machinery of his own creation. “Obama was almost like the anti-Democrat,” a former DNC chair tells Rolling Stone. “The president didn’t care about the Democratic Party.””

But the biggest blame is going to Hillary Clinton, the failed Democrat Presidential nominee. As Hillary continues to blame everyone else for her woes and the party’s financial woes, the DNC is hitting back.

Of course, spending $22 million dollars for a seat where candidates usually spend about $1 million each tends to take a toll on your political war chest.

The $176 per vote, or roughly 7.6x more than the $23 a vote Karen Handel spent, wasn’t enough to sent Jon Ossoff to DC. What a significant waste of money.

The whole organization is in chaos. They have lost 5 special house elections in a row. Everyone is blaming everyone else. Those responsible are in denial. They have no money and they have no message.

The DNC has been caught cheating and lying and the liberal voters are disgusted.

We reached out to Hillary Clinton for comment. She responded, “What difference does it make?”

We also reached out to Nancy Pelosi for comment. She responded, “Everything is great!”

Maxine Waters blamed Trump and the Russians. DNC Chariman Tom Perez accused me of being a racist for writing this article.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it was all a lie and that the DNC was unified and had plenty of cash.


Of course, exactly one year ago, the headlines: DNC Dissension and Chaos!

Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed and resigns after revelations in hacked emails.

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