Days Before Feds Seized Smashed HDDs, Someone Else Tried to Get Them!

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There is no doubt in my mind that the DNC and Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz both knew about all the criminal activities of the Awan brothers.

It would be insane to think, anything else. Afterall, it was Schultz who brought these shady characters into our country and employed them. They were all paid handsomely by the DNC and the Democratic Party. Of course, they also covered up a lot of illegal activity on behalf of the DNC as well.

What did you expect though? Podesta’s email and password were so simple his computer could have been accessed by a third grader. Even access to Schultz’s own laptop was given to the Awan brothers. Add to that the private server in Hillary’s basement which was not secure and had classified information on it.

In addition, add to that, all the 80 plus Democrats who had blackberries and laptops that were accessed by the Awan brothers and you’ve got yourself a REAL disaster of a headache when it comes to our national security and the DNC.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

In a complicated and growing scandal, federal investigators have seized smashed hard drives from a foreign-born technician connected to the Democratic National Committee.

While the details are still unraveling, the actions of that foreign technician reveal that fraud and possibly espionage could be part of the scheme.

According to an exclusive report from The Daily Caller, the FBI has taken possession of computer drives found at the former home of Imran Awan, an IT expert who was born in Pakistan.

Awan has been a longtime computer consultant for congresswoman and former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Initial reports indicate that Awan and three of his relatives had unlawful access to sensitive emails and files from dozens of House Democrats.

The FBI isn’t the only agency reportedly looking into the scandal. Politico recently stated that the U.S. Capitol Police are part of the investigation, and described the suspects as “committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network.”

Daily Caller report showed that Awan and his relatives have been paid $4 million by House Democrats since 2009.

“Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan, Hina Alvi, Natalia Sova and Rao Abbas set up the email accounts and computer systems for dozens of members of Congress and their staffs, and they could read all emails and files on those systems,” a different Daily Caller report from earlier this month revealed.

“A fellow congressional IT aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group that potentially sensitive information was being transmitted to an off-site server,” continued the report.

Suspicions rose after Awan moved out of his Virginia home abruptly, and began acting strange and confrontational when government-owned computer equipment was found in that residence.

he house containing the apparently stolen technology was rented by a Marine Corps veteran and his wife, who is reportedly a Naval officer.

Items found in the house included “wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner,” according to the former Marine who rented the quickly-abandoned home owned by Awan.

“It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said. “It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over [to NCIS].”

The collection of government-issued computer devices was important enough that Awan became increasingly desperate, and showed up at the now rented house in several last-ditch attempts to retrieve the items.

Awan has also allegedly threatened to sue to new occupants of the home where the equipment was hidden.

“Their lawyer contacted us today via email and said we owed $350 in late charges and the items he left in the house,” the Marine said.

“It was unbelievable. I don’t know where they get off thinking they’re going to sue us for items we have no obligation to hold onto,” he said.

This is nothing more than criminals hired by the DNC and Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz to help Hillary Clinton steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Of course, the sad part is, the Democrats, DNC and Hillary, ALL thought she had THIS election in the bag. Why wouldn’t she have…she stole the nomination, stole voter data and donor data from Bernie Sanders, she committed voter fraud, all while having these idiots employed by the DNC.

In addition, she probably thought neither the Awan brothers or the DNC would ever get caught because she was going to win the election. Oops! Shit happens!

My guess is that the DNC and Democrats across the nation have been scrambling to cover their behinds, since Hillary lost and the Awan brothers took off. There is just so much lies and deceit and unfinished business for them to take care of.

In addition, Democrats really thought this equipment was gone or destroyed permanently. Of course, we knew it wasn’t when Debbie threatened a DC police chief that there WOULD be consequences for the police having a laptop of hers.

Did I mention Democrats are still trying to sell the narrative the ‘Russians did it’?

Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying it!

The REAL narrative should be…Seth Rich was a leak. Guccifer was a hack…Hillary stole the nomination, and the Awan brothers ran away with the cash…and a nice little stash for their retirement as well.

President Trump needs to insist that Attorney General Jeff Sessions go after the Awan brothers, Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz, and Hillary Clinton. There is SO MUCH crime committed by all of them along with ‘mysterious deaths’ or ‘accidental deaths’ that everything just involving the Awan brothers alone will keep the FBI and Sessions busy for a life time.

I hope this all leads to some people FINALLY going to jail for the deaths of innocent people like Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, Beranton Whisenant and others.

According to Pat Sower, who has managed IT services for several members of Congress, something is amiss: “There’s no question about it: If I was accused of a tenth of what these guys (Awan brothers) are accused of, they’d take me out in handcuffs that same day, and I’d never work again.”

Oh, and while you’re at it, please feel free to check into ‘diplomatic status’ and shipping containers, and I’m sure you’ll find a lot information also behind the wonderful car dealerships and ties to Dr. Ali al-Attar as well.




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