Cop Takes Down Mentally Ill Suspect With A Gun, Caught On Body Cam! [VIDEO]

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The disturbing moment a police officer shot a man in the middle of a ‘psychotic episode’ has now been caught on camera.

Laroslav Mosiiuk, 25, was shot dead outside his sister’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 8 this year. Mosiiuk’s sister, Olesya Tabaka, called police to report that her brother was sick, and that he ‘had not slept in days and was retrieving a rifle’.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers Brian Walsh and Michael Dezenzo were the first to respond to the house call, and body camera footage released this week shows Tabaka was moving around outside when they arrived.

The footage, which was released as police declared neither officer will be reprimanded for the justified shooting, was collected footage from both officers after they arrived on the scene.

Officer Dezenzo’s can be seen in the footage walking up to the door of the house and knocking. You can see that his reflection can be seen in the windows on the door, yet you are unable to view inside the home.

A few seconds later he yells ‘gun, gun, gun’ and books it down the steps and away from the property. ‘Get back Brian, he had a long-gun,’ Dezenzo is heard commanding his partner, right before he starts to book it into the backyard of a house on the other side of the street which is about two houses further down.

About that time, you can hear a voice on the radio saying ‘shots fired’. About 30 seconds later, Dezenso lets Walsh know, ‘Brian I’m not in a position to challenge him with you,’ while he still stood behind the house on the other property in the street.

However, by that time, Walsh had already confronted Mosiiuk, and shot him.

Officer Walsh’s body camera footage starts by showing that the police officer was on the side of Tabaka’s house, as Dezenzo retreats back from the front door shouting ‘gun’.

Walsh then books it about 25 yards down the street to the border of the property, taking cover for a minute behind a car with Tabaka.


Seconds later, you see him step out from behind the cover of the car and fire a single shot, striking Mosiiuk in the back. The 25-year-old drops like a rock towards the ground.

‘My brother! Please don’t shoot him!’ Tabaka was heard imploring with the cop, but unfortunately for her, that’s not the way law enforcement operates.

Daily Mail:

The video continued for a few more minutes, showing other officers arriving on the scene and handcuffing Mosiiuk before trying to help stop the bleeding or examine his wound.

The team of officers then search the house, finding nothing, before they taped off the property. Walsh later told investigators he did not have time to warn Mosiiuk or ask him to drop the gun before he shot him dead, saying he was ‘afforded no time’.

Investigators later determined the 25-year-old’s gun was not fireable as it was missing a part, which was locked up inside the house. Tabaka could be heard in Walsh’s video saying, ‘he doesn’t have the part’, before the cop opened fire.

Well guess what? Despite all the naysayers, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief stated the killing was ‘justified’, and how can it not be?

Watch the video, look at the evidence. If you really believe the police were not justified in shooting this gun carrying mental case. Even if it didn’t work, you are just as insane and dangerous as he is.

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