Congress Give Baby Charlie Gard, LEGAL And PERMANENT Residence So He Can Have Treatment In U.S.

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Charlie Gard, the baby being held prisoner by the British healthcare system, has been given legal and permanent residence in the US by congress in order to permit him to fly to America for advanced and experimental treatment.

‘We just passed amendment that grants permanent resident status to #CharlieGard and family so Charlie can get the medical treatment he needs.’

It is the boldest move by US lawmakers who are undeterred in their actions to keep up the pressure on Great Ormond Street doctors in the back an forth international political struggle over the 11-month-old’s medical care.

Jeff Fortenberry, Republican U.S. Representative for Nebraska, tweeted out yesterday:


But some legal sources are claiming that Charlie is the subject of a High Court order and the move by America made no difference, passport or not. Last Friday, the judge had to make it clear it would be prohibited for Charlie to travel to America without his approval. The parents’ attorney Grant Armstrong said the parents believed that it was their view that legally the hospital had to change its mind and let Charlie be transferred. But Mr Justice Francis said the effect of the different rulings just means the court’s permission was needful.

He said: ‘It would be entirely wrong for him to be transferred without my being involved.’ He added that if the hospital did allow the baby to go, he would in that case be ‘bound to agree’.

Daily Mail:

MailOnline previously reported how the hospital could prevent Charlie’s parents from taking him to the US.

If doctors believe that a parent will cause suffering to their child, police can be called in to arrest them using Powers of Protection legislation.

In the case of young cancer sufferer Ashya King his parents faced a European Arrest Warrant after absconding with their son who was in hospital.

Charlie’s parents recently released a new photograph of their little boy where he appears to be looking at a toy to debunk his doctors’ claims he is blind.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard say the poignant image, taken last Friday, is proof that Great Ormond Street Hospital is wrong to write off their 11-month-old son.

His doctors say he is blind, deaf, unable to move and badly brain-damaged and believe it is ‘cruel’ to let him live any longer.

The Mail can reveal that his British clinicians emerged from a crucial summit about his fate yesterday still convinced he should be allowed to die.

They apparently failed to be persuaded by American neuroscientist Dr Michio Hirano, who flew back to New York last night.

Dr Hirano and an expert from the Pope’s hospital in Rome spent five and a half hours trying to talk round Charlie’s doctors.

Last night his mother Connie Yates disclosed Charlie was set to go through more tests. Then they could determine if he is fit to go through experimental treatment on his brain condition.


She added:

‘Our gorgeous baby boy is still stable. We are at his bedside and feel satisfied he is not suffering or in any pain. As Charlie’s loving parents, we are doing the right thing for our son in exploring all treatment options.’

Dr Hirano, from the Columbia University Medical Center, believes he can help the child by trying the experimental therapy.

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