Chris Christie’s Top Deputy DEMANDS The Governor Sell The Taxpayer Funded Beach House!

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New Jersey Gov Chris Christie’s top deputy has petitioned for him to sell the governor’s beach house after he was caught fat handed, lying about sunbathing himself on the Fourth of July weekend as public parks and spaces remained closed to everyone else.

Christie is still facing the well deserved heat over his visiting the Island Beach State Park with his family while residents were told to take a hike because of the state’s government shutdown.

His top official, Lt Gov Kim Guadagno, had sounded the horn for the governor’s private beach house in Island Beach State Park, to be sold.


‘I’ve never thought there should be a beach house for the governor. I think it should be sold.’ Many have been in support of such a move.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Christie was seen with his family on the sand at the back of the governor’s summer mansion lounging in a chair with shorts, a shirt, and a baseball cap.

Guadagno, who is the Republican nominee in this year’s race replace the fledgling Christie out of office, is not the only government official who thinks that the Beachgate bungle, and beach home itself need to be taken care of.

In fact, Christie’s trip to the beach during the shutdown has brought upon some new legislation put forth by Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski.

Wisniewski said Friday that he presented a bill that would allow for the public to rent the house on Island Beach State Park. A second bill would stop the beach house from being used by the governor during any shutdown.

Christie ordered the shutdown after lawmakers couldn’t agree on what would be funded, and what wouldn’t, this meant a blocking access to the beach at the park. But he and his family kept their plans to stay there. Christie had at first claimed to the press that the didn’t ‘get any sun’ that day, but a photographer from NJ Advance Media caught him in his fat suit, enjoying the beach with his family.


Daily Mail:

His spokesman, Brian Murray, made a lame attempt to defend his boss, saying: ‘He did not get any sun. He had a baseball hat on.’ But the sun-kissed and tanned, governor was barely recognizable from the pale politician who demanded the state shut down its beaches.

The appointed head of the Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission was even able to show show his constituents the fruits of his leisurely labors when he returned to work last Monday.

Around 1.3 miles down the beach, on a stretch of sand run by local towns, residents and tourists were packed in tight for their Independence Day Weekend celebrations.

But that did little to quash a massive public outcry, which peaked on Monday when a plane flew over a Seaside Park beach with a banner reading ‘Tell Chris Christie: Get the hell off Island Beach State Park,’ to the cheers of onlookers.

Christie, now a lame duck governor in the last throes of his second term, subsequently called in the senate on Monday for a last-ditch attempt to get his way. It didn’t go well for him.

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