Chicago Kicks Off Independence Day Weekend With 51 Shot And 6 Dead!

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It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a few more senseless shootings in Chicago. This weekend in Chicago, 51 people have been shot in just over 2 days so far this 4th of July weekend. 6 have died. But at least President Trump is doing something about the crime and senseless shootings in Chicago.

While former President Barack Obama celebrated the 4th of July weekend by trash-talking nationalism and patriotism during a speech in Indonesia, his brethren in his hometown of Chicago beat the drums of America’s independence by shooting at each other as if they were playing paintball. Except they weren’t.

Thanks to President Trump’s efforts and the creation of the Chicago Gun Strike Force20 more permanent ATF agents are coming to Chicago to reduce gun violence, and work with our law enforcement partners to stop the lawlessness.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Over the weekend at least four Chicagoans were killed and another 46 wounded in shootings across the city, according to local station WMAQ. Since that report, it’s up to 51 shot and 6 dead in just over 2 days.

The victims included a 13-year-old boy who was reportedly shot early Saturday morning while walking down the street. He survived, though it remains unknown why in the world his mother and father (or is he part of a single-parent family?) permitted him to be out so late.

The violence broke out on the same day that President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he intends to send federal help to assist the Chicago Police Department in combating this “epidemic” of violence.

Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!

It was also the same day that Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced steps that the Department of Justice plans to take to increase public safety in Chicago.

AG Sessions stated,

“The Trump administration will not let the bloodshed go on; we cannot accept these levels of violence. That’s why, under President Trump’s strong leadership, we have created the Chicago Gun Strike Force and are sending 20 more permanent ATF agents to Chicago, reallocating federal prosecutors and prioritizing prosecutions to reduce gun violence, and working with our law enforcement partners to stop the lawlessness.”

Meanwhile, as all this occurred, Obama traveled to Indonesia, where he delivered a speech Saturday in which he subtly attacked what The Washington Times described as “Trump-fueled ‘nationalism,’” taking aim especially at the alleged lack of American leadership abroad.

What about the lack of leadership in Chicago, whose epidemic of violence he made nary an effort to calm during his lengthy eight years in office?

“I think Barack Obama has ignored the black community for eight years, and now he’s coming to take a bow in Chicago while our neighborhoods are suffering from disinvestment and soaring unemployment,” remarked Ja’Mal Green earlier this year, referencing the then-president’s farewell speech, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune.

“We are seeing young black men getting gunned down at a horrific rate, and he has shown no willingness to seriously address these issues,” he added.

Well, to all those who believed that by electing the first black president there would be ‘hope and change’, sorry to say, but there was none. In fact it was more the EXACT opposite of what you might have expected. President Obama was one if not the most, divisive president our nation has ever seen – especially when it came to #BlackLivesMatter. He didn’t care about uniting our nation. He didn’t care about the UNITED States of America. He also didn’t care about the black community.

Chicago residents were so fed up with President Obama because he ignored the black community. Obama placed placed more favor on the illegal immigrants than he did on blacks. One resident said, “Barack will go down as the worst president ever.”

Here’s the video:


That’s right! Chicago got the same results. NOTHING!

Barack Obama did not pay much attention to the blacks in ANY community, let alone Chicago.

Yes, Chicago has a black mayor. Yes, the United States had a black president, but there was STILL NO DIFFERENCE!

In fact, you might say with the stringent gun laws, there was probably MORE crime in Chicago than ever before. In fact in just 2016, homicides rose by 57% alone (that was more than NY and LA combined). In 2016, 4334 people were shot (that’s like one person shot every 2 hours). Not only that but the victims were between 75-80% black.

In fact, throughout Obama’s 8 years, over 3,000 people, mostly blacks, died from gun shootings in Chicago. More people died in Chicago during Obama’s tenure than died during the September 11 attacks.

Chicago was responsible for almost 50 percent of the increased murder rate nationwide in 2016.

Did Barack Obama come from Chicago? Yes, right from the heart of the city…55th street, but that didn’t really matter did it? Because, as long as the citizens of Chicago were concerned, especially those in the black community….as far as the senseless crimes and shootings went…there was NO REAL DIFFERENCE!

President Obama was the worst president ever elected….

Since President Trump has taken office, crime is down in Chicago by 14% so far this year.  Of course, Trump made crime a focus on the campaign trail and it looks like he’s following through on another campaign promise. What a surprise! A politician who follows through on his campaign promises. Now, there’s a new thought!


Of course, just this weekend in Chicago 51 people have been shot in just over 2 days. By Wednesday, that number had shot up to at least 101 people shot and 15 killed according to the Chicago Tribune.

But at least President Trump is doing something about the crime and senseless shootings in Chicago.

Now, I’d say THAT’S a step in the RIGHT direction!

It’s also ONE thing that President Trump has done in less than 6 months in office, that Obama never did over his entire 8 years.

Worst president ever….period.




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