Charlie Gard’s Parents: ‘We’ve had no control over his life and no control over his death’!

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Charlie Gard’s parents have said his doctors have stolen from them ‘any control’ over his death by withholding their ‘final wish’ to spend more time with their son before he passes in the coming days.

A judge has sided with that hell hole of a hospital, Great Ormond Street who wish for the 11-month-old to be moved to hospice as soon as possible…Then remove his life support only hours later, cutting off time with Mom and Dad.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard had asked for at least a week of uninterrupted time with their son before letting him ‘slip away’ right before his first birthday next Friday.

Yet Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) claimed last night ‘we have tried absolutely everything’ to conform to the parents’ but they refuse to help them, claiming it could be an ‘unplanned and chaotic end to Charlie’s life’.

His mother Connie has has fought back and took a firm stand that socialized medicine has ‘denied us our final wish’, according to her. She said:

‘We just want some peace with our son, no hospital, no lawyers, no courts, no media – just quality time with Charlie away from everything to say goodbye to him in the most loving way. Most people won’t ever have to go through what we have been through, we’ve had no control over our son’s life and no control over our son’s death.’

She added:

‘I’m shocked that after all we’ve been through, they won’t allow us this extra time.’

Daily Mail:

Yesterday Mr. Justice Francis sided with his doctors and said Charlie, who suffers from a devastating muscle-wasting disease, will now be taken to the hospice in a secret location where doctors will stop life-support treatment shortly after he arrives because they say extending his life will only cause him more pain.

The irrevocable court ruling came as home videos emerged showing Charlie as a newborn – weeks before his illness was diagnosed. The tiny baby is seen grasping at a two-week birthday card on a changing mat at his parents’ flat in Bedfont, west London, last August.

In another film the little boy looks up at the camera and makes his mother giggle as he kicks his legs and waves his arms. Weeks later, Charlie fell ill and tests that October revealed he was only the 16th person in the world to suffer a rare strain of mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

Since then, Miss Yates and Mr. Gard, 33, have been by the bedside of their son for Charlie at Great Ormond Street in central London. Charlie’s transfer to a hospice will be kept a secret until after he passes away, but it could come at anytime, even as early as today. GOSH has claimed it had ‘tried absolutely everything’ to meet the couple’s wishes, but according to them, ‘the risk of an unplanned and chaotic end to Charlie’s life is an unthinkable outcome for all concerned and would rob his parents of precious last moments with him’.

The statement concluded:

‘Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Chris and Connie, and we hope that their privacy is respected at this devastating time for their family.’

Charlie’s parents lost any fight to take control of their son’s life in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in London. Not even the European Court of Human Rights judges would intervene…

There is no better place for healthcare than in America, and we are fast slipping to this same socialist system. Be prepared.

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