BREAKING: First State Lists “ANTIFA” As A Domestic Terrorist Group- Conservatives CHEER!

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This has been something that many Americans have been waiting for, a long time now. The state of New Jersey has become the first state that will be listing ANTIFA (“antifascists”) on an actual state list of domestic terrorist groups. They are finally going to be seen as what they are, terrorists.

Since the Berkeley riots it has felt as if the mainstream media has done what they could to oversimplify what the terror group is capable of doing. It was a rally for free speech put on by Trump backers and turned into a bloodbath. Ever since then, it’s been attack after attack with this ANTIFA group, but what mainstream media defines it as is a simple CLASH between “Trump supporters and counter-protesters.”

No mention of there being an actual group of people that come together in the name of terrorizing their own over a difference in opinion. Carrying bats, ready to throw down at the drop of a needle, and very much by definition ‘terrorizing’ people through fear, and threat of bodily harm.

Worst part of this all is that it is happening right here on American soil right under our noses and too many people are either ignoring the growing concern or too content in their little happy bubbles to care what is happening in their own country thinking it’s not going to affect them. Truth be told, it might not be affecting them or us now if we aren’t in the places these horrific incidents with ANTIFA occur, but they will come around and when they do those safe bubbles of ignorance and selfishness will pop so fast they won’t know what to do with the terror that comes face to face with them then.

Remember Obama’s JV team? We all knew that was a joke and it was just a matter of time before ISIS became far more than just a JV team if they ever were one. Do we no long learn from our past?

In an article dated June 12th, the website for New Jersey’s Office for Homeland Security and Preparedness profiles the “Anarchist Extremists,” summarizes how the group has engaged in violence against others, and releases the personal information of targeted individuals to expose them to violent harassment.

The very definition of terrorism is “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

Now define Antifa’s behavior, and you will see real fast that they are in fact terrorists, and should be treated as such if they themselves are going to be brought back into the reality of their actions. It seems currently that they are led by pure hatred, and a twisted reality where they are the heroes and anyone else is the enemy, that they have no idea where their divisive, wicked behavior is going to lead to.

That is the mot dangerous of enemies.

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