Anti-Gun Advocates Will Hate What This 17-Year-Old Girl Did To Defend Herself!

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The gun debate never ceases to end. While Republicans are always promoting an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, Democrats always work to restrict individual’s rights to do so. But a recent incident with a teenager and a firearm proves exactly why it is imperative to defend Americans Second Amendment rights. On Monday morning a 17-year-old girl used her parent’s firearm to stop an intruder into her home.

Kimber Woods of Spokane County, Washington, and her boyfriend were in her home when the boyfriend indicated to her that a car intruder might possibly be coming into the home. She immediately asked her father if she could use the gun and she immediately hid it under her pillow when he appeared. When the suspect entered the house Kimber took the gun and pointed it at his face and screamed at him to get out.

KHQ reported that the suspect subsequently fled after Kimber had run after him and went outside and fired one shot at the ground to scare him away. After the incident took place Kimber spoke with a Breitbart News reporter on July 19th where she said the following about the entire ordeal,

“I knew how to use the gun, and it gave me a peace of mind that I had the upper hand and I was going to be safe. From about the age of six or seven, I was always out in our backyard with my grandpa, my dad, my brother — our family — target practicing. I’d sit there and watch and learn how they prepared themselves and how they used the guns. When I got to the age where my father thought I could use one myself, I tried it and I knew it was something that I needed to keep learning about. I knew guns could be dangerous things, but if I knew how to use one, I would be okay. So weekends we’d go out and shoot, come back and have lunch, then go back out and shoot some more.”

Kimber’s father, Lenny added the following to his daughter’s comments,

 “She was raised around guns, and from the time that she could understand, I drilled into them muzzle control, gun safety, every gun’s loaded, just like every parent across this country ought to do for their child.”

The reporter from Breitbart News asked him what his opinion was about anti-gun advocates such as Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. These are groups that insist homes are more dangerous with firearms in them and advocate for additional gun control legislation that restricts people’s ability to attain a firearm. Simply put he said the following about his opinion on the issue,

“At the end of the day, I get to hug my daughter — who’s alive and healthy and well — because of the firearm and the training she has had. And the other outcome is unthinkable.”

More details of the night have emerged as well. When law enforcement officials tried finding the intruder they went to Kimber and asked her to identify the intruder via a picture and she positively identified him. They congratulated her and told her she did an amazing job, which of course is true. People on the comments section expressed their happiness at her swift action as well. One user, Gloren White posted the following comment,

“This story won’t be told in the national media but I hope everyone’s daughter would do the same thing if faced with this situation.”

Carey L. Smith said,

“What a brave young woman! Well done!”

And a Calan McMillon said,

“The story would have a better ending if she would’ve fired off a round into the man’s chest while he was standing in her room.”

As they say, the best way to prevent gun violence is to teach proper firearm safety. Nobody should be afraid to use a firearm. With the proper skills and training, anyone can defend themselves and that is exactly what Kimber did. Had she not been raised around firearms, being taught the proper thing to do, then she likely would be dead right now. However, the mainstream liberal media won’t report on this because it is not convenient to their narrative that guns are all bad.

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