American Eagle Trying to Convince American Youths to Wear “Cool” Hijabs!

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Looks like American Eagle Outfitters is advertising new hijabs as the ‘cool’ thing for American youth to wear. Do they really think that promoting something that is worn by oppressed Muslim women is ‘cool’? How about something worn by women who have had their genitalia mutilated, is that cool?

Hey, I’m all about capitalization, but for American Eagle to promote hijabs as a ‘cool’ thing to wear or popularize on them, knowing what these women go through…I don’t find that too cool!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

One of the United States most popular fashion stores, American Eagle Outfitters, has now begun selling a “denim hijab,” in order to capitalize on the “popularity” of Islam in America. This decision is outraging many customers and is a blatant display of cultural appropriation for financial gain.

When American Eagle Outfitters announced its new denim hijab, many on Twitter were noticeably upset. Not only is the company one of the most patriotic brands, but the hijab — which is normally worn by Muslim women — basically promotes oppression and everything that American women fought against.

Twitter users were very quick to call the company out.

She caught our attention at 2016’s Miss Minnesota USA, where she competed in a burkini & hijab. Meet :

you found a market to appeal to which is good. A market that subjugates girls and women. Not so good

When it relates to money prostitution exists in all phases of life, tragic but true.

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Even Muslim women were speaking out.

Denim hijab from American Eagle? What? Also, I would never wear denim on my head.

The clothing company decided to promote its hijab by hiring 2016 Miss Minnesota contestant, Halima Aden, to sport the denim head cover. Saying on Twitter, “She caught our attention at 2016 Miss Minnesota USA, where she competed in a burkini and hijab.”

The hijab is a religious symbol in some Islamic cultures, where women are not free to uncover their heads in the presence of males who are not close family members.

Simply put, it screams oppression.

What’s worse than American Eagle promoting that type of female denigration is the fact that the company is doing it because “peaceful muslims” are trendy and it’s a great way to capitalize on the buzz.

Of course, American Eagle isn’t the only company now promoting the hijab of oppressed Muslim women. Nike recently released a sports hijab for female Muslim athletes, also bowing to the oppressive religion.

Nike becomes first major brand to launch hijab for women

American Eagle’s denim hijab is cultural appropriation for financial gain, and they didn’t even go to great lengths to make the thing look good. It looks like extra denim fabric just thrown over someone’s head. Very unoriginal.

Speaking of originality, the slogan on the company’s website that sells the hijab says, “Wear it your way, make it as original as you are.”


There’s a whole religion of women who have to wear these cloths as a sign of subservience — millions upon millions of them the world over — it  doesn’t seem so original to us.

Some people have praised both American Eagle and Halima since the #WeAllCan fall 2017 ads.

Sorry, but #NotHappening.

Let us know what you think about American Eagle Outfitters selling the hijabs as a ‘cool’ new thing for our American youths to wear, especially as his/her new ‘back-to-school’ clothing.

Does American Eagle Outfitters really want our American youths to promote a culture that oppresses women and believes in genitalia mutilation?



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