7-Year-Old Runs For Help As Her 14-Year-Old Sister Is RAPED By Aunts ‘Friend’ In A Trailer Park

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It must have been nothing short of a nightmare for a 14-year-old girl and her seven-year-old sister who had the mind to run and get help while the 14-year-old was being drugged and raped. The two sisters had been staying in the Pleasant Ridge Trailer Park in Russellville, Alabama, on Wednesday…

It was in this trailer park that this 14-year-old girl was given alcohol for the distinct purpose of getting her to almost pass out – and that’s when the horror started.

Tony Nathan Grissom, 30, and neighbor and ‘friend’ of the girl’s aunt, raped the the 14-year-old. Her younger sister, who had been with her when the assault began, had the mind to know what was going down was horrible and wrong, and ran to a neighbor’s home for help.

Grissom was apprehended and taken in by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies Thursday morning. Two others, Melinda McNatt, 51, and who is said to be the girl’s aunt according to Sheriff Shannon Oliver, along with and Amanda Byrd, 37, were also arrested for the part they played in the sexual assault on the young girl.

McNatt and Byrd were supposedly roommates in the trailer park, and had their neighbor Grissom over to their home Wednesday night to start up a little party with drinking and a little bit of innocent meth use.

Their 14-year-old victim was also given alcohol…

Sheriff Shannon Oliver had this to say about the ordeal:

‘(The teen) got drunk, and Grissom took advantage of the situation. I just can’t understand why a 30-year-old man has that kind of thought. It’s just senseless and awful.’

The sheriff explained that when the assault was happening, the seven-year-old saw her sister was being hurt by the neighbor and frantically attempted to tell Byrd and McNatt that their neigbor was raping her sister. The two were so inebriated and high that they themselves were passed out, so instead she ran to another neighbor who was able to put an end to the attack and call police.

Oliver continued:

‘Thank goodness she was there and had the courage to go get help. It was bad enough, but it could have been a lot worse.’

The 14-year-old made it the the Russellville Hospital where she was treated and has since been released. According to sources, hospital that was serving this girl, must have not been to good, as they did not have a rape kit, and instead they had to get a rape kit from another city and hospital which was 30 minutes away.

Every single one of these so-called adults were arrested for the roles they played in this heinous crime. McNatt herself had a long list of charges which included drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession, endangering the welfare of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The scumbag, Grissom was charged with first-degree rape, and he and McNatt are still in jail…Byrd herself was also charged, but has been released on bail. Let’s hope the right thing is done by the legal system, and Grissom is convicted. If so, he is looking at life in prison.

…I believe that a good old fashion castration (not chemical) is in order here. Oh, how I sometimes wish we had that law specifically for child rapists…

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