You’re Fired! Kathy Griffin Basically Unemployed Days after Trump Beheading Photo Fiasco!

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CNN, MGM Resorts, Vegas and even Squatty Potty have all fired Kathy Griffin and now her tour of live Comedy Shows have been cancelled all over the country.

Kathy Griffin is basically unemployed at the moment and now maybe she will really understand that she did something wrong.

Squatty Potty fired her from doing their commercials. For those who don’t know, Squatty Potty is a stool-like toilet accessory that is supposed to help people with their ‘gas’ eliminations.

Squatty Potty CEO Bobby Edwards said the image shared by Griffin was “deeply inappropriate and runs contrary to the core values our company stands for.” The company is headquartered in Utah, a largely politically conservative state with many Trump supporters.

Several shows on Kathy Griffin’s ‘Celebrity Run-In Tour’ have been cancelled. Many venues around the country are now cutting ties with Griffin over the controversy.

Five shows on Griffin’s comedy tour have already been scrapped by the venues that hold them. It is expected that many more cancellations will follow. The comedienne’s two scheduled shows in California on June 16 and October 13 have been axed. So has a planned July 22 show at Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque. The St. George Theater in Staten Island then removed Griffin’s November 2 show from its schedule, while the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ has cancelled her scheduled performance on November 3.

MGM Resorts, which hosted her just last week at the Mirage in Las Vegas, said in a tweet that it has “no future shows scheduled with Ms. Griffin,” and added that her actions “clearly crosses the line of respect and decency.”

The first casino to cancel a performance on her “Celebrity Run-In Tour” was the Route 66 Casino Hotel in New Mexico. The Grass Valley Arts Center in California has done the same, also pulling the plug on her June show.

Of course, there is the most well known firing, CNN removing her from their New Year’s coverage.

This fiasco is likely to haunt Griffin for a long, long time. Backlash was so severe, it was even bipartisan, with former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and her ex-cohost Cooper, shouting their disapproval.

Cooper said he was “appalled,” while Clinton said, “It is never funny to joke about killing a president.”

Griffin has since apologized for her bad behavior, but even that has been widely questioned.

Social media was filled with questions about the looks on her face, her tone, and the general feel that it was far from heartfelt.

Bombard’s Body Language points out all the reasons that your suspicions are most likely spot on:

I say, Kathy Griffin was apologizing because she saw her career in a free-fall and still has no idea as to the difference between right and wrong. Griffin does not see that what she did hurt other people. Kathy Griffin does not care that there are families who have had members that have been beheaded.

I understand that the Secret Service is in the process of explaining to Griffin how what she did was a threat against the President of the United States.

What other ramifications are out there for Kathy Griffin? We will see. How long will her unemployment last? Hard to tell. But it will be a long time coming before people forget this horrific behavior!


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