Woman Spends THOUSANDS To Make Herself Into A Walking, Breathing, LIVE Barbie

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There comes a point in life where you just have to stand and state when something is just wrong.  I’m sorry folks, mutilating your body in the guise of ‘enhancing’ it is wrong. There is something mentally off there, and one should seek help.

Yes, I said get help. This isn’t the ‘whatever I want to do is right and true’ zone. In fact, here’s a truth bomb that most of the millennial generation seem to not agree with – there ARE absolutes in this world, and in the universe. You can choose to ignore them, but the consequences will always have their way, sooner or later.

In this case, a single mother has spent more than £20,000 attempting to hack her body up into a human Barbie doll.

Rachel Evans, 46, is from Southeast London, and is so possessed with the children’s toy, that she has completely altered her physical appearance with plastic surgery in a bid to make her ‘frozen’ look. The many procedures she has had done have been over 11 years, and the procedures have ranged from the simple, to the expensive including a cheek augmentation, contouring, jaw tightening, breast augmentation and of course the must have nose job…

One of her operations was as simple as getting the corners of her mouth surgically turned up so that she could have a smile on her face at all times, just like Barbie…Insane.

Rachel claimed: ‘I feel like Barbie, I think like Barbie and I am Barbie. I think me and Barbie are the same person. I am a human doll.’

Daily Mail:

The blonde mother-of-one, who looks drastically different to her Gothic, black-hair persona 15 years ago, said she got ‘hooked’ from the first filler – and even goes to the gym five days a week to get the body to match.

The media personality blogs about her lifestyle on her website and is one of three Barbie fanatics who appears on OMG: My Barbie Body on Channel 5.

However Rachel is still on the look out for her real-life ‘Ken’ doll. On the programme, she speaks about how she thought she had met her perfect man, but later admitted she might come across as ‘too full on’. Despite the knock back, Rachel is determined to continue living like Barbie. She even recreate’s the ‘vacant doll look’ in a photo shoot where she poses just like the toy.

She added: ‘Barbie will never go away and she is always in me.’

Rachel appears on the show alongside mother-of-one Kerry, from Essex, who claims to be ‘Britain’s only Barbie’ and has spent more than £100,000 in the hope of becoming a human doll. She even joked that she would divorce her husband, Darren, if he ever forced her to choose between their marriage and her Barbie lifestyle.

This kind of behavior has to be some type of mania. I understand that people have a right to do what they will to their bodies, and what they do to them has no effect on any of us, but it’s when this kind of behavior becomes normalized in society, so much so that those who don’t agree or commend them for their ‘uniqueness’, instantly become haters, bigots, or some type of phobe.

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