Woman Who ‘Persuaded’ Her Boyfriend Into Killing Himself, May Have ‘Practiced’ What To Do

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Back in 2014, the news broke of a woman accused of coaxing her boyfriend into killing himself by sending encouraging texts. Now she is in court, and prosecutors are claiming that she used him ‘as a pawn in her sick game’.

Michelle Carter is on trial for the death of 18-year-old Conrad Roy III who killed himself by plugging up his pickup truck and breathing in the carbon monoxide in Fairhaven back in July 2014. Prosecutors are claiming that Carter had planned to get Roy to kill himself so that she could reap the ‘benefits’ of being a grieving girlfriend.

Maryclare Flynn is head prosecutor on the case: ‘She used Conrad as a pawn in her sick game of life and death.’

They also claimed that on July 10, she had attempted to do a ‘dry run’ on her plan. July 10 was only two days before Roy made the decision to end it.

‘She knew her plan to get attention would work because she pre-tested it. Two days before Conrad committed suicide, she did a dry run, texting several girls that Conrad had gone missing while simultaneously testing Conrad, telling him to get the gas machine.’

As evidence presented, the court heard the 40 text messages that Carter sent to Roy in a bid to help push him over the edge and take his own life.

Flynn continued:

‘She put him in the car that night.’

Carter had some explaining to do when it came to her actions directly after the death of her boyfriend. For instance, she allegedly played up the grieving girlfriend, even going as far as to organize a baseball tournament in his memory – but made the odd decision to host the game in her own town, and not in Roy’s.

Roy’s best friend is Thomas Gammell, and he had asked Carter if she would move the game to his town, as that would be more appropriate…But when the court heard the responding text from how she responded, it was hard not to see that she wanted credit for organizing the baseball tournament.

‘Ok awesome thank you! You’re not taking credit for my idea, right?’

Carter’s Defense attorney Joseph Cataldo also took his time going to bat for Carter, as he stated that Roy himself had already had his mental and emotional issues before they were a couple, and it was Carter who had to talk him out of taking his own life.

He said that Roy had already been on the path to suicide, and that he had already suffered from depression for years, partly stemming form his parents’ divorce and physical abuse he received at the hands of an unknown relative. Cataldo said that Carter had nothing to do with his death, as ‘This is a suicide case,’ and, ‘not a homicide.’

From Daily Mail:

Roy’s mother Lynn Roy, who broke down in tears during her testimony, also took the stand, telling Taunton Trial Court about her son’s struggle with depression. She said he had social anxiety and had been having ‘bad thoughts’.
Lynn Roy said that on the night he died, she and he son had taken a walk along the beach, laughing, joking and talking ‘about life’.

‘You think your kids are doing better,’ Roy said, alluding to her son’s previous suicide attempt.

Gammell later took the stand, saying that he had never even heard of Carter until Roy’s death. Carter waived her right to a jury, meaning the judge will hear the testimony and issue the verdict.

Some people are just sick!

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