Watch What Happened When A Dem Lawmaker Was Confronted By Pro-Trumpers At A Town Hall Meeting! [Video]

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Talk about a taste of their own medicine.  Since President Trump’s election, the rent-a-protesters have been out in large numbers disrupting various conservative Republican town hall meetings across the nation. These protesters showed up in large groups, ranted and raved loudly and rudely, shouted anti-Trump messages, collected their checks, and went home.

Recently, the tables were turned at a town hall meeting in Carson, California. However, this time it was pro-Trump supporters who showed up at a Democratic town hall meeting. Rep. Nanette Barragan (D-CA) got a taste of her own party’s medicine. Much to no one’s suprise, she did what most liberal Democratic politicians do, when confronted with the REAL truth.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

For the past few months, Republican town hall meetings all across the country have been crashed by organized liberal activists intent on shutting down any discussion that they don’t like.

Democrats so far have largely been immune from these sorts of protests, but first-term Democrat California Rep. Nanette Barragán recently got a taste of what it is like to have a town hall swamped with supporters of President Donald Trump, a YouTube video of the event shows.

Barragán was holding a town hall in Carson, California, the day after Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, when she got a real shock.

Instead of a bunch of liberals at the town hall crying their eyes out over the environment and screaming about the “resistance,” Barragán was met by several dozen angry Trump supporters who chanted “we love Trump,” and other slogans during the meeting.

After the meeting began without the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, the pro-Trump attendees recited it on their own. Rep. Barragán then began her remarks to the meeting by attacking Trump, and was immediately drowned out by jeers and chants: “We love Trump!” “Respect our president!”

Initially, Barragán tried to talk over/argue with the Trump supporters, and the few Democrats in attendance attempted to get the Trump supporters to be quiet, but that didn’t work.

That’s when things got interesting:

You did this at their town halls, and now you want respect? Hypocrites!” shouted one Trump supporter at the Democrats who weren’t happy about the chanting, Breitbart noted.

Rep. Barragán tried to argue against President Trump’s budget proposals, and was met with repeated interjections: “She’s lying!” “We have to cut somewhere!”

Eventually, Barragán proposed moving the meeting to a smaller room, where she said she hoped to have a more productive conversation. She then left the meeting, trailed by police and staff.

The protesters followed her the entire way to the new venue, chanting at her, insulting a few media outlets and generally making sure she didn’t escape them that easily.

The video shows Barragán’s staff actually screened the people who were allowed to enter the new venue.

“Wow, look at that, closing the door,” said the man who was recording the entire event. “You guys believe in open borders, you’re supposed to be about inclusion and openness.

One shouted that Barragán was breaking the Brown Act, which governs public meetings in the state. Others shouted “Fake news!” at a Buzzed reporter on the scene.

As I stated earlier, over the past several months, left-wing activists have flooded Republican representatives’ town halls in a bid to imitate the grass-roots energy that fueled the conservative Tea Party movement in 2009-2010.

Using organizing materials provided in the “Indivisible Guide,” which has become an informal manual for the so-called “Resistance” opposition movement, anti-Trump activists have confronted Republicans throughout the country, and particularly in California. Friday evening was a rare reversal of roles.

It seems to be fine with Democrats when they use organized paid anti-Trump protesters to go after Republicans, but when the same happens to one of their own party members, they can’t handle it. Typical of Democrats – they just run and hide.

Now that former President Obama is out of office, he’s running Organizing for Action (OFA). It seems he’s putting to use his community organizing skills again to support anti-Trump protesters across the nation. In OFA’s guides they share tips for protesters in their training like: attend town hall meetings, grab open seats in front,  spread out in pairs, ask “hostile” questions, and ‘boo’ at the GOP representatives.

Democrats like Rep. Nanette Barragan don’t mind it when those same Alinsky tactics are used on Repubicans, just don’t use them on them. Democrats only have a few tactics: lie, ignore the facts and run from the truth.  Those tactics have been working for them for several years, until now.

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