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They are probably slowing down filming and thinking to themselves what’s a lady with a hairdryer standing out in the front of a house for!!?!

Well this woman has a point, if she can’t be safe on her street how can she expect to be safe in the world.

How does this work? She’s standing in her front yard holding a hairdryer, clearly not a cop. Let’s think for a second hypothetically.  If this was a real speed gun and she was clocking speeding motorists, what was she gonna’ do about it?

No one thinks it’s a radar gun. They are slowing down to look at the crazy woman waving a hairdryer at traffic. Either way, it works! Clever move!

She is putting herself in harm’s way of a lawsuit if her efforts cause some distracted ding dong to plow into a pole or another car with that hairdryer. Personally, I say more power to her. Legally, she may want to put the house into a blind trust to be untouchable in a court suit. In the U.S., that could be considered “impersonating an officer” which is illegal, but hey, God bless her. It seems that more and more people are disregarding the traffic laws anymore so anytime someone can get people to pay attention it’s a good thing.

I think this woman is thinking out of the box to try to do something good. As for the people that have bad comments, have you ever lived in a neighborhood where children reside and watch people fly down the road in excess of any speed limits? These are the same idiots that usually ignore any warnings.  I say again… bravo to this lady for her efforts.

Jean Brooks from Nottingham City, England has become an internet star after capturing the nation’s heart with her ingenious way of stopping speeding drivers.

The 64-year-old stands on her front garden and uses a hairdryer as a fake speed gun – pointing it at cars as they drive past. She says drivers often slow down, for fear they might be caught speeding. A video of her in action, taken by the BBC after she rang in to one of their radio shows, has now gone viral.

Ms. Brooks told the Nottingham Post her story of how it all began following a close family tragedy.

After the death of her son-in-law, Jean threw herself into fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care, creating a cafe in the front garden of her home in St. Mary’s Way, Hucknall. It was while she spent her days in her garden that she noticed cars were often speeding up and down the road.

She said: “I remembered a friend told me about something she had heard of in France.”

“Someone got their hairdryer and pointed it at the cars and they slowed down. So I thought I’ll do that.”

Cars now slow down on the road she says, confusing her hairdryer for a handheld speed camera – but she has also brought the community closer together. She gained notoriety after a contacting BBC Radio Nottingham, who promptly filmed her armed with the “speed gun”. In less than 24 hours, the video had more than 12 million views.

She said: “I was listening to the radio and they were talking about these kids who were riding around on bikes. They asked if anyone had got a solution for it and I phoned up and said ‘I’ve solved it – I use my hairdryer’.”

“This street is the main road onto the estate so it is busy, and it’s also used as a school drop off point. They come up on their scooters and quadbikes showing off to the sixth form girls, acting like a male bird of paradise.”

“It’s all, ‘look no hands’ but it will soon be ‘look, no teeth’.”

“One of my daughters called me up and said I’d gone viral. I thought ‘I don’t have a virus’ but she told me what she meant. My grieving daughter has seen it and it made her laugh.”

“I’ve made my road safer for kids and I’ve made my grieving daughter smile. You can’t put a price on that.”

…sometimes it’s the little things that matter most, like a smile that brightens up a difficult day.

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