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Dinosaurs never existed, the whole shebang is a freak show! They just grab a couple of old bones and form them into their latest Frankenstein’s monster like exhibit. If dinosaurs existed they would be mentioned in the Bible.

If dinosaurs are not real, how did they film Jurassic Park? And thank you, all this time I thought “Barney” was real! LOL

So basically paleontology is a conspiracy? Is all science just a conspiracy? Just wow!… This level of ignorance is still alive and well to this very day…It hurts to even watch this. The stupidity gives me a headache.

“Diving into the composition of fossils and showing exactly how easy it would be to build one using every day materials.”

Yes, it is insightful… for showing how somebody with no grasp of science thinks that she can disprove well-established scientific research that comes from different branches of science (paleontology, biology, chemistry, etc.) with a 3-minute video. Comparing fossils to a spackling paste.

Great satire! No way someone could be that clueless!

I’m no paleontologist, but what I’ve seen is that fossils (each bone) are in many cases mostly whole or if in pieces, laid out in a fashion that is fairly easily…depending on your definition of easy… pieced back together like a puzzle, where the pieces just fit together. The paleontologist simply scrapes, brushes, or chips away the loose stuff around the actual fossil until it is cleared from the debris that surrounds it. You’ve got teams of people finding this stuff, and in many cases people who aren’t even looking for it are finding it…you just can’t pull off a hoax that big.

It is very clear that this woman did not do her research and most likely did this to try and push an agenda. Fossils are not just the rock, they are made up of many other substances along with the minerals that are around them to just a spackle! This preserves things like the bone structure, bone damage, and even some soft tissue. Although we have found minor soft tissue in a few dinosaur specimens. Granted, the DNA is completely decayed, but the cell structures are still there. Also, the bones are a lot denser than the rock around it. This means if you hold a piece of bone and piece of the minerals around it, both of which are the same size, the bone will weigh more. Also, we have found intact bones, we didn’t just glue a bunch of rock pieces together.

There are many, many thousands of partial to complete fossil skeletons of fish, amphibians, reptiles (including dinosaurs), birds, and mammals.  ALL vertebrate skeletons have a great deal in common, which makes the field of comparative anatomy possible. The femur of a Brachiosaurus may be six feet long, but it is still recognizable as a femur, and one can figure out, without acute mental exhaustion, where within the body of the animal that femur resided, and what bones were in close proximity to said femur. Based on that basic knowledge of vertebrate anatomy a skeleton, be it fossilized or not, can be reassembled in a reasonably accurate way.

I should’ve listened to my mother. She always said, “Be a paleontologist. You can make MILLIONS and all you need is some spackling paste” Lol!


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