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This boy is  420 pounds.. weighed the same as six boys his own age.

This kid is probably the reason why the other 11 year olds are skinny as ever. They’re lucky the kid hasn’t eaten them yet. lol

This is what happens when you don’t say no to your children! As a parent it’s your job to parent your child not the other way round! He is 11 he isn’t responsible for his meals that’s his parents job.

This is heartbreaking how could they not have known this was a problem. It is hard to understand how anyone can get that bad and just not do anything about.

As awful as it is that this poor boy has been abused with food and has to undergo that surgery, to see a positive light would be that he is swimming, playing with friends/family and is actually having something done to work on this problem.

It is hard not to question his parents, we all want the best for our child, but not this best. It`s ridiculous for them to say they didnt know till too late, that kid has been over fed for a long time, you dont get that fat overnight, they have ruined that kids life, it`s the parents responsibility to take care of their childs health, children dont realise the repercussions.

It’s more of a concern as to what happens now and forward. This boy seems to have some happiness in his life. All of us should encourage this young boy to succeed in his weight loss. Let us all lift him up and help to prevent any lasting negative effects of his past. The feeling of powerlessness, isolation, of being ostracized, and self loathing that this child could experience.

Arya Premana’s mum says she’s happy because her son is famous. But the reason behind his fame is that he weighs 30 stone – and he’s just 11-year-old. He’s the world’s heaviest child, and has had to have life-saving surgery after “eating himself to death”.

After years of over-feeding him, parents Ade and Rokayah Soemantri were eventually convinced that their young boy had to have drastic surgery or he’d die.Travelling to the Omni hospital in Jakarta, Arya was the youngest person to ever undergo a five-hour gastric sleeve operation.

It’s revealed that Arya weighs the same as six boys his age. As he sits by the side of a pool eating an ice cream, his mother tells the cameras: “Arya is very famous, so I feel very happy.”

His father adds: “We came from a village, and then we were considered celebrities in the media and on TV,” as clips of him appearing on various TV shows are shown.

So far, a team of medical experts have failed to find a reason for his weight gain. A doctor says: “If this situation is not controlled it could be fatal and he’ll die.” In the show, an obesity expert examines Arya to determine why he’s gained so much weight. Is it a complex medical condition or are his parents over feeding him?

Arya tells the cameras: “I want to go to college so I can achieve my dreams.”

This boy was living on a daily diet of fried chicken, rice, noodles and chocolate ice cream. Failing to realise the seriousness of their son’s condition, Arya’s parents continued to feed their son greasy curries and high-cholesterol snacks. Ade said: ‘He ate like he had no sense of being full. Every time he had two packets of noodles and two eggs.

‘More than half a kilo of chicken and then there was rice. This could be four to six times a day.

‘The saddest thing was watching Arya try to get up. He would get out of breath just walking five metres. We were very worried.’

It was only when their son’s health reached a near critical condition that Ade and mum Rokayah Soemantri accepted their son needed urgent help.Rokayah said: ‘I am the one the most to blame. I regret it because it’s my fault. I didn’t control how much I fed him. I keep feeding Arya because I love my child.’ When he was born Arya weighed a healthy 8.3 lbs and didn’t start gaining weight until he was five.

Arya has a long way to go but is already planning what he will do once he loses more weight.

He said: ‘I’m going to play with my friends in the pool, play football and ride bicycles.’

The parents need intervention too. The gastric sleeve operation will fail if he continues to be overfed.

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