Trump Supporters Rallied Against ‘Very Fake News’ CNN!

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Our 1st Amendment gives everyone the right to “peacefully assemble”. It’s one of the great rights or freedom we have in this country that many take for granted. A right-wing-related protest happened at CNN headquarters on Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia, but you probably didn’t hear much about it in the MSM.

The Main Street Patriots were out in force at CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday to speak out about what they considered – ‘Fake News’. ‘Fake News’ that was reported by CNN and other MSM outlets across the country, particularly when they were reporting on the president.

Debbie Dooley, Co-founder of the Patriots and also a founding Tea Party activist, said at the rally that Trump supporters need to show the country that they are “just as motivated and passionate” about the President as those who oppose him.

“Expect that we are peaceful and law-abiding citizens,” Dooley said.

Bikers for Trump 2020 also showed up to support the fake news protest.

Founder Chris Cox said CNN and other liberal media outlets are guilty of “journalistic malpractice on a daily basis.”

One woman at the rally said she came as a legal immigrant from El Salvador when she was nine years old.

“As an immigrant to this country I hate that they’re ripping our Constitution by the way they are treating our president,” she said. “This is an awesome country.”

“We are a beacon of light and freedom to the rest of the world,” the woman declared.

They’re spreading fake news across the country, and we’re seeing the results of it,” a man at the rally said.

Pro-Trump patriots held up ‘Trump-Pence’ and ‘CNN is Fake News’ signs as they marched in front of ‘very fake news’ CNN headquarters.

“CNN threw objective journalism out the window once Donald Trump was elected President and have begun to report DNC talking points as news. CNN can no longer claim to be a news organization that reports facts without bias, because they report innuendo with no facts as news with the intent on bringing down a democratically-elected President. They have simply become an entertainment network not to be taken seriously.” – Main Street Patriots.

Dozens of people protested peacefully outside CNN on Saturday in what was called a “Fake News” protest. It was organized following a shooting on Wednesday aimed at GOP lawmakers at the Congressional baseball game where a disgruntled Sanders supporter wounded five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who remains in critical condition following multiple surgeries.

The protest took place between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm.

“This is the beginning of a new movement,” said Dooley. She also added,

We the people are rising up and we are saying enough, and we are prepared to meet the left on the streets if necessary to fight for our President. Can you imagine what would have happened, and the outcry, if the Tea Party activist behaved like we are seeing many of the radical left behaving.”

The right is showing they know how to have a peaceful protest, unlike the left. The left seems to keep increasing the violent rhetoric that then spills into real violence, like the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice that targeted GOP members, like Majority Whip Rep. Scalise. Not to mention the Antifa riots that are nothing more than paid and organized rioters of none other than Soros and company.  Add to that the former CNN employee, Kathy Griffin, who was fired after holding up a faux-decapitated Trump head with blood streaming down.

“This hate filled rhetoric against President Trump has permeated many media outlets like CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times,” Dooley said. “Some of CNN’s hosts engage in hate-filled hysteria in their attempt to bring down the democratically-elected President of the United States.”

“They helped create the toxic atmosphere that Hodgkinson would believe it is ‘open season’ on Republicans,” Dooley said. “It is time for Trump supporters to rise up and say with a loud voice, enough.”

Tim Selaty, president of Citizens for Trump, another group at Saturday’s rally stated:

“We the American citizenry, who dutifully elected Donald J. Trump as our president, are completely fed up and disgusted with CNN and other liberal media outlets continually launching malicious fabricated propaganda (aka fake news) attacks on our P.O.T.U.S.,”

Selaty told Breitbart News,

We believe this fake news media movement to destroy our president is not only hurting the credibility of mainstream media and undermining our election process but is equally impacting our American society in a very negative way as we’ve seen by the recent attack in Virginia on our elected Republican officials.

We demand that CNN and all media outlets have ethics and truth in their reporting or we will continue to mass protest at their headquarters and express our discontent with their sponsors. We ask all of our fellow patriots to stand with us this Saturday at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and send a clear message to CNN and all other media outlets guilty of spreading unsubstantiated stories to hurt our president and fellow Americans.

Hey CNN! Enough already! The hate rhetoric needs to stop NOW!


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