Trump-Hate is Strong and it’s Real Dangerous. Here’s how dangerous:

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If anyone, regardless of their politics, philosophy, background, creed or otherwise ever wrote, said to me, or said in front of me; “I hate Barack Obama” – I’d figure them for someone unable to control their emotions to the point of needing therapy. I’m not being facetious and I’m also not personally qualified to help them – by Rodney Lee Conover

I hate what Obama and his ilk did to my country – but settle down, my friend – odds are you don’t know Barack Obama and you may even like him if you hung out with him and smoked a few menthols. Politically, you probably won’t move an inch and he damn sure won’t – but HATE? C’mon –  reserve that for when it’s useful: Like if Hillary got elected. That’s a joke there, son. I say a joke there. Son.

Of course I’ve heard plenty of people say or write those exact words; “I hate Obama” plenty of times. Friends of mine, some of them. But I’m telling you this Trump thing is different – it’s not bordering on psychosis, it’s full-blown psychotic bat-shiite, crazy. People literally do not know why they HATE TRUMP – they just hate him.

You can’t pin it on politics, because Donald Trump is the least conservative Republican President in my lifetime, so why would you hate this guy? Think about who conservatives have had to digest for the past 8 years? A feckless liar who was as far-left as you can get. A full-blown, American institution hating, socialist. It’s completely rational to HATE what Obama did to this country – especially if you’re black, by the way.. nice job there first black-prez!

But to say “I HATE OBAMA”? Then go hunting down Democrats? Or be cool with people who do? What are you, high? On Menthols?

You damn well know what I’m saying is true – you’re just afraid to confront you’re own psychosis and I’ve been there, my friend – it’s not easy being touched, I’ll give you that. But pro-actively funding, encouraging, inciting and organizing violence, murdering innocent people? What are you, trying to steal jobs from terrorists? Did Bill Ayers touch you innapropriately as a youngster when your family was visiting the Sears Tower? Why not just HATE Trump’s policies or his over-turning of Obama’s executive orders, or his hair?

Something cogent, like I HATE that Obama traded Bowe Bergdahl for five of the top terrorists in the world. I don’t HATE Obama. He’s just anti-American and anti-Capitalist. Speaking of Socialists who lived with their parent’s till they were 40, then got rich in a Capitalist system by bitching that Capitalism sucks – the Bern had a bad week:

One of his supporters damn near killed a whole lotta folks because of their ideas on how government should operate. Not blambut I ing you Bernie – but this is your guy. Sorry. If he was a Ted Cruz activist, that would be mentioned 50,000 times per second, per channel, 24/7 and we all know it. Why are all mass murderers Democrats? huh. But I digress, we were talking about enabling violence – which Bernie Sanders DOES NOT DO.

Here’s the big difference, and it’s BIGGLY: There’s a ton of Liberals who say they HATE TRUMP and have no problem with physical violence associated with that notion. Politicians, ‘reporters’, pundits, Al Sharptoners, The Pussification Society of America, consultants, ‘journalists’ – you name it – they’re everywhere in the media condoning, justifying or outright urging more violence, killing, armed revolt and assasination even.


There’s regular people tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, FarmersOnlying, emailing, sometimes even walking around saying they HATE Trump. HATE HATE HATE HATE.. Ask them why and they’ll look at you like ‘how dare you ask me that? That requires an answer!! Waaaaaaaa!!”

What kills me thou is they’re out in the open, on TV, social media – in the paper – all in the name of HATING TRUMP AND FORCING HIM AND REPUBLICANS out of office even if you have to hunt and kill them. I’ve seen this movie folks, just pick up a history book, preferably one by William L. Shirer and grab yourself a random date in time. You’ll quickly realize this like is a bad re-make without Charlton Heston. By the way, why did they re-make “BenHur”? What in hell were they smoking? Seriously. That just sucked hind titty. Anywhoozer..

Before you begin to hunt me down, I’m not blaming an entire group of people for the actions of one nutstick Democrat Activist who premeditatively stalked and attempted to assassinate Republicans at a baseball practice. The planned, attempted mass murder of people who he disagreed with politically – nothing else. He had them on a list, my friends – so this is a no-doubter, but make no mistake, he does not represent the Democrat Party, Bernie Sander’s campaign or any political or voter group. Just a nutso-facto who didn’t get to kill anyone in the end…

..okay, a Democrat activist, but who’s counting? Him, apparently – check this out:

James Hodgkinson’s “kill list”

But what this poor soul did do was, without a trace of doubt, expose the lion’s share of the prevailing left-wing media and political class for what they are. Ideological sociopaths. You see this pattern of behavior mostly in children who can’t control their emotions: They scream, they cry and yell; “I HATE you!” at whomever is telling them (usually for their own good) they can’t have what they want.

Of course 99.9999% of the time these little tyrant tykes don’t actually HATE daddy, mommy or anybody – but if the screaming and threats of “I HATE YOU” doesn’t change the behavior of whoever is in their way, they very well may pivot to stamping their feet, flailing their arms, legs and fists around – maybe even hit their sister, or mom, throw things or food in public, etc. We’ve all seen it. Maybe your own child once or twice? Maybe even you yourself were like that, but it’s forgiven: They’re children. My sister knocked my teeth out with a hockey stick once. Not forgiven, case you’re wondering.

To put it another way: The badly behaving child resorts to violence because they have no other options. You can’t apply logic to it because they’re kids and need to be taught and actually experience the consequences of letting their emotions get the best of them. They simply can’t help it, because it’s out of their control.

These are the exact attributes of irrational and, yes, sociopathic Trump-haters.

Like most liberals, Trump-haters can’t control their emotions, so they rabidly and unnaturally try to control other people’s behaviors and if (when) that doesn’t work – they resort to violent rhetoric, then encourage, fund and actualy cause or commit actual violence. Murder. Mayhem. Destruction of property. Throwing bombs into a crowd, biting people’s fingers off. All because THEY HATE TRUMP? YES!

You’re seeing it played out right before your eyes. Democrat operatives, politicians, mainstream journalists, consultants – all justifying the attempted assassination of Republicans at a baseball game. It’s completely and utterly insane – yet it is happening as we speak. One after another, after another holding up a copy of some bull’s eye’s Sarah Palin put up a hundred years ago on a map to “target” various political districts. This justifies mass murder? Yes! It does! “Hey, if she’s targeting us, we’re going to fight back and target you guys!”

A Democrat Congressman actually used that as an excuse on Tucker Carlson and when pressed with the obvious ‘metaphor vs. actual murder’ question – he just kept repeating something to the effect of “fair is fair” and “we’re merely fighting back” … “what’s good for the goose”… yada yada wtf? Keep in mind these people were voted into office. High office. Apparently by people who must have been high themselves.

His ilk are sick and when I say “sick” I mean a disconnect from reality. He’s delusional, psychotic, criminal and their are millions in this country just like him. If you would have told me in 2009 that this country would be on the brink of civil war in 8 years, I would have said; “Mr. Beck, you’re making us conservatives look like idiots..” Yet – here we are: People of all walks of life saying without hesitation that they HATE TRUMP. Holding up severed Trump heads, performing plays where Trump is killed, suggesting another actor assasinate another President.

It’s maddening to think the reaction of the dominant culture if the parties were reversed here. But we always say that and it’s really stupid because again you’re trying to apply logic to a child who can come home from playing all day and tell you a completely convincing account of how him and the dog went to Jupiter and straightened out some zoning laws on one of Jupiter’s moons. Children can disconnect themselves from reality because they don’t have enough real information to keep them grounded.

The pajama boy just never grows up because he’s enabled from day one. Why grow up? It’s not like he’s gonna procreate and you can be in your pajamas and your professors pat you on the head and liberal girls hang out sipping some crap and listening to crap with you until the sun goes down and they hightail it over to my pad with the real men, some shots of Jameson’s and, um… did I say that outloud? That’s a joke there boy, I say a joke, son.

It’s lunacy and if like me, you believe any of the folks who ever said; “I HATE OBAMA” are irrational, backward, dumbass, hayseed, unfit, fatuous, or just plain ignorant bungholes – look in the mirror you Trump-hater. Because you are worse – much worse. Why? Consider the following:

Premeditated mass murder is okay because President Trump is [FILL IN THE BLANK]. You’re good with that. Shut up. Yes, yes, you are, psycho. Doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with you – just means you can’t control your emotions. Now, my little neice can’t control her emotions, but she doesn’t hate anyone. But you do. I’d ask you to think about it, but you won’t. You can’t. I’m not saying you’re pajama boy, but your girlfriend is over here as we speak using the bathroom. For like an hour. That is annoying friendo. Oops, said quiet part loud again.

All jokes aside: This mindset and resulting behavior must be stopped. With the child example, if it’s not corrected early and often – that child and its future victims are doomed. We know that because the very definition of conservatism is the merely the history of what works. Same with you pajama boy Trump-haters. You’re doomed because we conservatives have only two cheeks to turn and eventually – it’s long fuse, big bang, go-time. You lose. Biggly.

By the way I truly with all my heart believe that to allow the Democrat Party to destroy itself like this is not good for conservatives. We’d be left with nothing but… well, Republicans. Yikes.

Rodney Lee Conover
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