Trump DISSED London’s Mayor, But Queen Still INSISTS on Seeing Trump!

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Well, President Trump may have recently dissed the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, but it certainly doesn’t look like Trump’s comments have effected his standing with the Queen.

Following the London Bridge terrorist attack, the Mayor of London announced in public that London was once of the safest places in the world still and that there was ‘no reason to be alarmed’. President Trump, of course, fired back with his comments on Twitter to let the public know, he was not supportive of Sadiq Khan’s comments. Trump said, Khan’s comments were a pathetic excuse. Following the comments Khan tried to get the Queen to not see or invite President Trump.

The Queen it seems is welcoming President Trump with open arms instead. Looks like Britain and America’s partnership will continue, regardless of how the Mayor of London feels about Trump’s honest remarks.  So much for Khan’s pressure to stop Trump from meeting the Queen. Guess we know, who was REALLY dissed don’t we?

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Shortly after he took office in January, President Donald Trump hosted U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who offered an invitation in kind for Trump to visit Britain and meet with Queen Elizabeth sometime around October.

However, following a heated feud between Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan regarding recent terror attacks in London, some were calling on May to cancel the president’s visit with the queen. Unfortunately for these Trump-haters, the British government has reiterated the invitation to Trump, AFP reported.

Although May was slightly critical of the tweets Trump aimed at Khan for his response to the terror attacks, she nevertheless replied affirmatively when asked if the official state visit was still on.

The U.K. Guardian reported that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, during an appearance on the BBC, addressed the push by Khan and others to rescind the invitation to Trump.

“The invitation has been issued and accepted and I see no reason to change that,” Johnson stated.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to weigh in on the back-and-forth in Britain regarding Trump’s upcoming visit and Khan’s demand that it be canceled, but he kept his answer short and sweet, Breitbart reported.

“(The president) appreciates Her Majesty’s gracious invitation,” Spicer said.

It is indisputable that the U.S. and U.K. have a close friendship supported by long-standing bonds, though some would argue the relationship has been weakened somewhat by the British left’s reaction to Trump’s election.

While Trump and Khan have been at odds since during the 2016 campaign, the feud was reignited following the London Bridge terror attack, which had Khan reassuring Londoners that there was “no reason to be alarmed” at the increased presence of armed police officers in the city streets.

Trump seized on that remark, criticizing Khan for allegedly attempting to downplay the seriousness and alarming prevalence of Islamist terror attacks throughout the U.K.

Here’s Mayor Khan’s recent interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’:

This guy is a TOTAL idiot! You have got to be kidding me!

HE’S the mayor! He let these radical terrorists in! He supported them being in London. Four hundered terrorists AT LEAST and HE doesn’t even know WHERE they ARE! UNFRICKEN BELIEVABLE!

President Trump was right. Mayor Khan doesn’t have a clue about his very OWN city. Trump was right about Khan’s PATHETIC excuse that there’s ‘no reason to be alarmed’! Get a CLUE!

The people have London have to be pretty upset with Mayor Khan. It’s like Chicago’s Mayor Emmanuel and Chicagoans being upset with the high crime in Chicago because of his OWN policies and the Democrats in general attitude towards illegal refugees and crime.

What does Khan expect?! Seriously! You can NOT keep allowing unvetted Syrians and radical Islamic terrorists into Great Britain and London, let them pilgrimage your villages, rape and murder innocent women and children and continue to expect different results. THAT’S INSANITY!

Obviously President Trump may have dissed Mayor Khan, but the Queen’s got the upper hand and she played it beautifully!


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