Touchy CNN Host: ‘This Whole Fake Thing Needs to End and It Needs to End Right Now!’

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CNN host Chris Cuomo exploded on Senator Ron Johnson after he said the debate around the plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is “completely distorted using incorrect information.”

Johnson said,“We need information, and the debate on this thing has been completely distorted using incorrect information.”

Obviously rather touchy after the chaotic week where CNN has been proven to throw “facts” that are really lies, Cuomo almost had a breakdown.

Touchy CNN Host: ‘This Whole Fake Thing Needs to End and It Needs to End Right Now!’

Cuomo shot back, “I know you’re not suggesting that I’m using misleading information, right? You let me know what I’m saying that is inaccurate. Because this whole ‘fake’ thing needs to end, and it needs to end right now! You tell me what I’m getting wrong, or we’ll deal with the number as the CBO is putting them out.”

CNN is reeling from a week that included one Senior Producer admitting on hidden camera that the whole Trump/Russia story was ‘bullsh*t” that the network scammed ratings with.

That was on top of three journalists ‘resigning’ for publishing a fake story fed to them by Elizabeth Warren.

Rush Limbaugh even went as far as to state that possibly, President Trump will be responsible for taking the whole network down.

Could Donald Trump be the end of CNN? What a legacy that would be…

Three CNN members of the new investigative unit have resigned, i.e., been fired. One of them is a guy named Thomas Frank. This for the fake news, the bogus story on Anthony Scaramucci supposedly having a link to a Russian bank system, colluding with them to help Trump doing whatever. It turned out to be total BS, like everything else that CNN has reported with this Russian story.

Eric Lichtblau, who, they got this guy from the New York Times, a Pulitzer Prize winner. He leaves the New York Times going from print to the big screen of TV and is now out. I’m sure the Times will take him back with open arms.

Thomas Frank, who wrote the story — the name might ring a bell. This guy wrote a book way back when called What’s the Matter With Kansas or What’s Wrong With Kansas? He is an active, uber-leftist. He despises conservatism, and his book about What’s the Matter with Kansas, What’s Wrong With Kansas, was his befuddlement over how middle class Americans in Kansas would vote Republican and thereby vote against their own self-interest…

This Jim Acosta guy, little Jim Acosta, CNN, guy that lost his cookies yesterday with the press briefing when the cameras weren’t turned on. We got the audio coming up. I’ll tell you what this guy reminds me of. Have you ever had a cat, pet cat, and got one of these red laser pointers. You point it at the floor, and the cat tries to catch it. You point it up against the sofa, cat runs into the sofa. You point it against the wall, cat runs into the wall.


The MSM has had a liberal slant for decades. Sam Donaldson used to ‘lie like a child’ when he repeated the things President Reagan had said in a speech.

But in recent years, the MSM and ESPECIALLY CNN and MSNBC have become a propaganda extension of the Democrat Party.

Chris Cuomo has absolutely no right to get his panties in a wad. His employer has been caught red-handed lying to the American people.

So just shut up Chris and take your lumps! You are not the victim, you are the perpetrator!

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