Texas Couple Stand Trial For Drugging, Raping, And Filming Underage Teen For Blackmail!

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A Texas woman now stands charged with drugging and videotaping a sex-trafficked teen girl being raped by her lover to use as a tool of blackmail against him. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like these two need to be taken out of society and lined up against a wall…

I realize that isn’t a conservative way of thinking – more communist – but hey, I say more freedom, harsher consequences. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge, huh?

Isabel Robinson, 41, and Judd Denley, 37, are residents of Houston, Texas…but now they are residents of the American justice system after the couple supposedly trafficked a 15-year-old girl and used her as a object for their blackmail strategy, according to reports.

The dirt that these two were in ran deep, as court records show, that the underage victim asked Robinson for money, but instead of giving her some, or just turning her request down, she proposed a propostion:

Sex in exchange for cash. Not for her, but for her lover Denley. She told the girl that he would pay her $200 if she wanted the deal. To add to the disgust of these monsters, it turns out that Robinson was actually married – just not to Denley. She had been having an affair with the man for around four years.

With the deal struck, Robinson waited until the girl’s father left the apartment, then Robinson supposedly brought Denley to the house and offered her Mad Dog 20/20, an alcoholic beverage, and some marijuana, which really knocker her out of it. When Denley showed up to allegedly rape her, she had already thrown up the alcohol all over herself.

Even after the victim claimed that she didn’t want to have sex with Denley anymore, he still assaulted and raped her many times, according to police, all while Robinson stood in a corner and recorded the horrid incident for blackmail eventual against Denley.

When the next day came around, Denley gave his victim $150, but ended up keeping the $50 to cover the drugs and alcohol that she had consumed the day before. When a week had passed, the victim told a friend, then she went after and stole Robinson’s phone, the same one that she had used to film the entire rape on. She then took the phone to the police. It was game over for Robinson and Denley.

When called in for questioning, Robinson told detectives that Denley had filmed the entire event because she was going to use it as blackmail. Dunley had previously threatened to expose her to her husband by telling him about the four year affair, and she wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t run his mouth.

Denley and Robinson are now facing a whole slew of charges that will keep them behind prison bars for a long time. These charges include: child trafficking, child pornography, child sexual assault and charges for getting the minor to work as a prostitute.

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